Wednesday, August 29, 2007


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I can be really demanding these days, saying out loudly and clearly what I want.

When both Mummy and Papa pick me up from the nursery (usually it’s either one), I know that we’re going out for dinner and I will say “I wan go Gian” (Giant, the hypermarket nearby where we usually have dinner when it is raining).

When I’m told that we’re not heading to Giant, I will say “I wan, I wan go gian” and will repeat this. I will also add along the way “I wan chor-chor (sit) tolley (trolley)”

If there’s no positive response from them, I will say “I wan chee (see) wor-wor (dog)” There’s a pet shop next to this outdoor food court that we usually frequent for dinner as well. And I will keep saying this even while we’re having dinner.

And I do not like to wear new clothes that I’m not familiar with unless it’s bright in colours or have interesting designs. I will keep saying “don wan” and I will protest by kicking and screaming if I’m forced to wear them.

The other evening, when Mummy was chatting to Aunty Ng (my caretaker) for so long, I got bored and really wanted to leave since I saw Papa went into the car so I just went “buhbye arn-tee ang!” (Bye-bye Aunty Ng) and waved at her. This was to indicate to Mummy to stop chatting and that it was time to leave.

And when Mummy talks on the phone when I’m really cranky and in desperate need of her attention, I will say “Mamee, buhbye”, indicating that I want her off the phone.

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