Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mummy's entry - Port Dickson

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We went for another holiday over the weekend at Port Dickson (PD). No, this wasn't the holiday I wanted and some of you may ask why so soon when we only got back to KL on Wednesday. Well, my department hit our budget for Quarter 1 and we had an incentive trip to claim. Since my boss is due to explode (deliver) end of the month, she suggested the weekend of the week we were back. I only got to know of this weekend getaway towards the end of our US trip through MSN chat with my boss and colleagues. My boss said that I can bring along the family which my immediate response to her was that it is okay, I had enough of them during this trip. Hehe...but since everyone else were going to bring their partners, how can I just leave mine behind right?! ;)

So off we went to PD on Saturday. It was just for a night so thank goodness there were not many stuff to pack. I haven't even unpack fully our luggages from the US trip.

We stayed at Legends Water Chalets. It's fairly new and also our first time there. Initially, I thought off letting the girl have her fun of playing in the pool but since there were many people at the resort and also, hubby was lazy to take her to the pool, I let her play in the bathtub of our room.

The concept is similar to that of Avillion's but once you enter the room you're right in the bathroom. You have to go through the bathroom to the room. They have a bathtub as well as a shower place that you have the option of drawing open the roof so you can practically shower under the sky.

Since our US trip, Rye Li has associated "hotel room" to that of "big bathtub" and hence, she wants to swim in it when she hears we are staying at the hotel's room. When she found out that we're going to PD, I told her that her papa will take her swimming in the swimming pool but her response was "don want, i wan chwim big bahtub in otel oom" (don't want, I want to swim in the big bathtub in the hotel's room).

While we were in Las Vegas, I didn't allow her to swim in the pool cause the water was cold even though the weather was hot during the day time. So, I let her swim in the bathtub of our room instead. This was where she got the habit. And when we were in San Francisco and Napa Valley, although the hotel's pools were heated ones, I didn't allow her as she was already sick and that the weather was cold. So, she got to swim in the bathtub while she had her bath. This girl likes playing with water, if only I can find a teacher that teaches toddlers how to swim.

Anyway, following are pictures of our PD trip. Will post Disneyland soon....tough to update this blog with heaps of pics. ;)
Hanging out at the balcony:
Hanging out in the room:
by the day bed
on the glass floor in the bathroom

totally confident by now to stand on the glass floor alone, it's kinda scary at night when you had to cross it to go to the toilet

first thing we saw when we got out from the balcony the next morning

Getting ready to go out for dinner

Making a mess on the bed

With Chloe, my colleague's daughter who's 7 and half months younger than Rye Li (most babies are bigger than Rye Li)

A group picture with my team, included the babies too.


Vien said...

Wow, this is a really nice hotel. Too bad the water in PD is murky.

Anonymous said...

hi, stumbled on yr blog. Rye Li is a really adorable little girl! I am a stay-at-home mum to a 23 mth old boy, Yongzhi. Just wondering what does Rye Li eat when you guys are away on holiday? Can she already eat what you eat? My boy is still not very good with food of a harder texture! So, my husband and i hesitate to travel, as we will have to bring along our hand-held food blender!!
Also, I totally identify with you about sometimes feeling like you've had enough of the constant attention-craving demands of an active toddler. I look after my son all by myself, and a lot of times, I feel like pulling my hair out!!!

Shireen Loh said...

Have to agree with Vien, its really a nice hotel. Actually, hubs and I wanted to go to Avillion for our honeymoon the last time but was fully booked :(

ryeli said...

vien - u noticed too eh. forgot to mention abt was disgustingly murky. luckily, there was no smell...i remember there was a smell when i stayed at Avillion's many years back.

anonymous - thanks for dropping by. will do a post on this as well as flying on the plane. stay tuned! and i totally salute u for being a SAHM...really don't know how you moms cope.

shireen - u can try this one next time but don't expect clear sea water though. hehe. but if i were to stay here or avillion again, i will jst stay in the room and make full use of it! ;)

twin said...

nice place ... we intend to go there next mth.
must be great!

LA My Home said...

wah nice place to stay. got glass window on the floor looking into the water! nice to relax after a long tiring trip.