Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mummy’s entry – Rye Li’s going to kindy soon

I have to say, my kids being at the daycare sure has made it easier for me in terms of finding a school for them. I didn’t even have to scout for one, I just asked Aunty Ng (the daycare owner) for recommendations which she has mentioned a few and also knowing this mom at the daycare (who happened to be a blogger too), I made up my mind to send Rye Li to the same kindergarten as her kids. I didn’t even know where this kindy is located until a few weeks back. I only know that it’s near the daycare and hence, I don’t have to worry about transporting Rye Li as Aunty Ng can arrange that.

I initially wanted to start Rye Li in kindy this year but Aunty Ng said that it is not necessary since they do teach her the basic stuff at the daycare. In fact, I didn’t realize that Rye Li has homework done at the daycare until towards the end of last year when I was given a thick file of all Rye Li’s work for the year! LOL!

Rye Li learnt her ABCs, 123s, some basic reading through flashcards, writing, maths, drawing, colouring, painting, etc all at the daycare. This mom of hers is plain too lazy to teach her this. Earlier this year, out of the blue, I just tested her with “1+1?” and not expecting much from her, she immediately replied “2”. Surprised, I continued with “1+2?” and she replied “3”….so I thought she remembers them in sequence so I randomly pick any number and went “1+8?” and she replied “9” and so on.

Anyway, Rye Li will be starting kindy next month and she will be at kindy for 2 years before she starts wearing the dark blue pinafore. Since her birthday falls on 31st December, the moment she turns 6 years old, she would start standard 1. And she will definitely be the baby of the class.

And this is also a new chapter for me…can’t believe my baby has grown so big (I don’t even want to think of the day when she leaves my nest for good!) [also, I cannot believe how expensive schooling can be! sigh!]

Friday, December 04, 2009

Being rude

Recently, I have been told off quite often by mummy and papa for being very rude especially when we’re out of the house.

Just last weekend when we were having lunch at a restaurant, I saw this really fat person walking past the restaurant and I went “Haha, that uncle so fat!” and I laughed away. Immediately, papa and mummy said that was rude and I should not say such things.

And yesterday morning when we were in the lift of our place to go to Aunty Ng’s, there was this uncle in the lift when we entered and I went “Eeeya, this uncle (looks) so scary!”. Immediately, I was told off again by papa and mummy.

Mummy said I need to build up my social etiquette if I want to go out often.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Camerons - October 2009

We went to Camerons in October to celebrate my mei-mei's 1st birthday.

This what I did to entertain myself

We stopped by this hot spring at Kuala Woh, Tapah, which is on the way to Camerons and I had some fun in the waters.

I wish that I could go swimming or build stuff with the sand but we didn't bring any gear for this so papa said next time, we will have a picnic here.

After lunch, we went up to Camerons and I really wanted to stop by the waterfall at Latar Iskandar but it was raining so we headed straight to my grandpa's apartment.

When we have settled down, the rain stopped and so papa took me to the playground.

We had steamboat for dinner at Brinchang which the food was only so-so.

No, I'm not talking to anyone but listening to my favourite song, Love Story by Taylor Swift on papa's phone.

After dinner, we went back to the apartment and celebrated mei-mei's 1st birthday with a cake.

The next day, after breakfast, we went to the playground again and this time, with my mei-mei. I love this playground, every time we are in Camerons, this is must-visit place for me or else I will be showing you my blackest face ever.

After that we went back to take our showers and papa had his nap so while waiting for him, mummy took some shots of my mei-mei and I.

Finally we got to get out of the apartment and headed towards Boh tea farm at Ringlet. But I fell asleep on the way and so when I woke up, it was about to rain and hence, we hung out at the cafe for over an hour or so. So, no tea leaves pictures this time round.

I love eating mei-mei's leftovers when she doesn't finish her baby jar food, only the fruity ones that is.

Because the weather was so depressing as it was raining still, we hung out at the apartment and I got to enjoy some strawberries which I love so much. The sour, the better! This is also another must-have when I'm at Camerons.

My black-face pics - I didn't want mummy taking my pics but she kept going at it at my face

After trying many attempts to smile for her (since she didn't give up), we had a successful one.

Why’s & other observations

Rye Li: Mummy, your husband is papa. Why you marry papa and not somebody else ah?

Mummy: If I marry somebody else, you and mei-mei not here already!

Rye Li: Oh, alright. Alright!


Rye Li: Mummy, why you wear glasses ah?

Mummy: Because if I don’t wear them, I cannot see.

Rye Li: Oh, alright. Alright!


I saw mummy putting on her make up the other day before leaving the house for work.

Rye Li: When I big that time, can I put that thing on my eye?

Mummy: Can!

Rye Li: Can I put lipstick also?

Mummy: Can!

Rye Li: Can I drink ice water also?

Mummy: Can!

Rye Li: Can I drink…er…what is that drink ah mummy?

Mummy: Baileys!

[I happened to chance across one night when mummy was drinking this with ice and after smelling it – a habit of mine smelling things – I really love the smell but was not allowed to drink it as it is an adult’s drink]

Rye Li: Yes, can I drink Baileys also? I like that drink.

Mummy: Can!

Rye Li: Yeah!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Because my voice is so tired!

I always have excuses, one after the other, when Mummy or Papa ask me a lot of questions or when they tell me to do something. I’m smart in thinking of all sorts of replies and the latest one :-

Mummy and Papa always tell me to greet people when we meet them and almost all of the time, I will just keep quiet and stare and them. I don’t get away with this though as I am always told off after that.

Several days ago, when mummy asked me why I didn’t greet her friends at their house, I went “Because my voice is so tired!


Sunday, November 01, 2009

Physical updates a.k.a Drama Queen updates!

I went in for my flu jab yesterday which I wasn’t aware of till it was already too late. I thought it was for my mei-mei’s jab you see so I was happily playing in the doctor’s room. As usual, I insist that my mei-mei sees the doctor first and she was very well behaved when she had her jab. Only a slight ‘WEK” and then she was alright.

I was happily playing with the toys when I realized that I was going to have a jab too and I started screaming and crying like it’s the end of the world. Mummy (who said that I couldn’t have ice cream as I had a slight cough earlier) went “Rye Li, you want ice cream or not? After the injection, mummy will get you some ice cream.”

In all that screaming and crying, I answered “I WANT ICE CREAM!” and continued crying and screaming. I resisted BIG time but papa held me down. Mummy who was carrying mei-mei also had to help to hold me down. Her face was next to my face and she kept telling me that she will get me ice cream after the injection. I was screaming “WAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH” the whole time and then when I felt the pain, I went “OWW OWW OWW” and then “WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”. And when I realized it was over, I went “I WANT ICE CREAM!!!!” and continued crying! They put the plaster on my arm and I was still crying, thinking of that ice cream that mummy offered me. You can bet on it that I was asking for ice cream in my saddest voice ever till I got my ice cream.

Mummy had to talk some sense into me after that as to why was I crying and screaming like that, after all, the pain was only for that few seconds. She told me that I was not to cry and scream like that again for future injections but I told her I want to cry and scream and that I don’t want anymore injections!

Anyway, I got measured for my weight and height which is 14.5kgs (still petite) and I forgot what my height measurement was. Also, I got told off by mummy as she forgot to ask my doctor about the constant rashes I have on my body (since early this year), especially on one side of my nen-nen which started like a month ago. She thinks it’s the milk I’m drinking and she has tried changing my milk to other brands but I only want my original milk. I am that stubborn as even though I understand that my milk is causing me to have rashes, I told mummy that I don’t want to drink milk anymore if I can’t drink this brand.

You got buy me something?

Over the phone conversation on one of papa’s business trips…

Rye Li: Papa, you got buy me something?

Papa: No, papa got no time

Rye Li: Then you go tomorrow morning la

Papa: Around here got no shopping centre

Rye Li: Then you go to Toys’ R Us la

Papa: I don’t know where Toys’ R Us is at

Rye Li: You turn right, turn left, turn right and turn left la (This is what I always tell people if you say you don’t know where so and so is or if you’re lost)

Mummy interrupted: Girl, if papa keeps buying you things how can we go for holidays? Papa need to save money for our holidays

Rye Li: Papa, you don’t buy something for me. You save money then we can go for holiday.

Papa: Ok!

Mummy’s note: To all traveling working parents out there, don’t keep buying things for your kids as they will expect it all the time. KLIA is making big bucks of her papa as you will notice a toy shop on the way out.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Because it's itchy!

During one of the nights last week when I was in my usual black mood, I scratched mummy on her face. She immediately yelled at me and went "WHY DID YOU SCRATCH ME????"
I immediately responded "Because it's itchy!"
Mummy wasn't too pleased with my answer and nagged me. She also scratched me back after that to prove her point whether it was itchy or not. Guess I need to be more careful next time when I feel like scratching her.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mummy's entry - Life without you

Dear Rye Li,

This can be considered the first time you’re away from me the longest (Bangkok last year don’t count as Mummy was away for work). I’m at home now while you’re away on a holiday with your handsome King (you have upgraded papa as you want to be the princess as usual).

To tell you the truth, Mummy was looking forward to this quiet time (although not that quiet as mei-mei is with me) as the past few nights, you were annoying me with your endless questions and your usual dilly-dallying stubborn self. The 2 nights before your trip, Mummy punished you by not letting you watch your TV before bedtime and you were not very happy with this.

It’s been only 1 night you have been away from home and Mummy misses you so much! In fact, yesterday itself when you left, Mummy already missed you!

You sounded really happy on the phone and Mummy is proud of you that you are all grown up now and sad at the same time too as you don’t really need me there with you. I guess it’s also probably you’re having so much fun without Mummy restricting you to a lot of things I usually do at home. I know you didn’t finish that whole ice cream nor ate so much junk food like what you said just now on the phone – as I know papa made you say that just to make me worry.

Mummy is happy that you’re happy and having a blast at the beach. I’m looking forward to seeing you after your holiday as I want to give you a big hug and kiss (Mummy feels guilty for punishing you now especially when papa forgot to take along the Barney DVD you so wanted to watch!).

But you don’t annoy Mummy so much okay?! And stop being such a smart Alec, er Jane and keep your comebacks to yourself okay?! I’m still dumbfounded with your reply that night …”Mummy, you don’t shout at me ok, after (wards) my ears pain ah!”. God knows where you learnt such comebacks from but you should keep these when you have started work in the future as these would do you good then. :D

Mummy got a slight confession to make – I’m enjoying your side of the bed (actually, it’s papa’s side but it has been yours for the past one year) and also, I’m enjoying your TV time as I get to watch all my shows now. Luckily, mei-mei doesn’t know how to ask for TV yet so I’m enjoying these nights to myself. But mummy still misses you though.

I will see you soon yea….Mummy loves you….sooooooooo much!

p.s. I hope papa is taking loads of pictures as we need to update your blog!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mummy’s entry – Like a beach*

*beach = actually means the other word that sounds like this, you know, the female dog (this is a baby friendly site mah!)

I was whistling the tune of Katy Perry’s song “Hot n Cold” in front of Rye Li and when it came to that part of the song, Rye Li went “Like a beach*

It caught me off-guard and I went “What you just said?”

She went “Like a BEACH*!

My response?! = “Yes, you’re right! Like a beach*” and started laughing and she got annoyed at me for laughing at her.

This girl listens to our songs and now she only loves female songs. She used to love Jason Maraz’s “I’m yours” but now will say “I don’t like boy (‘s) songs, I only like girl (‘s) songs!”.

I forgot that when the songs are played on TV and on the radio, they are censored off from those words. But lately, this girl watches these songs on You Tube especially her all time favourite, Taylor Swift’s “It’s a love story” (this girl can sing the whole song!) and recently, the whole Mammamia’s soundtrack!. Anyway, she must have picked this word up from You Tube.

I am now thinking that I should be more careful when I let her watch these music videos on You Tube. She knows how to click those videos herself (once I’ve opened up the website for her).
Anyway, I'm not too worried about this word since she probably thinks it's the actual word of beach which she loves a lot. Ain't life a beach?! :D

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Me first, me first!

It’s been some time ever since I had this “me first” syndrome. Everything we do, I always have to be the first one and I will go “Me first, me first!”.

When we reach or leave home, I have to be the first one that enters or exits the house. If I don’t, I will give you my infamous black face and will sulk. My Kakak will give in to me but not my mummy at times, especially when she’s rushing. Mind you, my mummy will just let me cry it out if I burst into tears which is why I will just sulk instead (saves the energy).

When it’s time for my shower, I will get upset when my mei-mei has her bath first and I will complaint and sulk big time after that (to mostly getting either nagged or ignored by my mummy).

This has been annoying mummy a lot lately as she always nag me that there are no such thing as “Me first” but I will still insist as my friends at the daycare always do this to me.

So mummy has been telling me if I like this “me first” business a lot, the next time when we’re at the doctor's, I can go first instead of my mei-mei and I will quickly respond “No, mei-mei first!” and this has always been the case every time we see the doctor together. I hope we’re not seeing the doctor soon.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

A weekend getaway

Over the long weekend, we went to Cyberview Lodge for a night and basically to have fun. I had so much that I didn't want to go home. I hope we can go back there again.... enjoy the pics!

Yes, I love holidays! I will be going back to Perhentian Island again and this time, it's just me and my handsome prince, my papa! I'm already looking forward to those junk food....yumm!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Perhentian 2009

Aunty Ng was closed for a week, her annual shutdown during the 1st week of June and hence, we went for our holiday at Perhentian Island to see the happening mascot of Aunty Pei See and Uncle Ronnie's dive resort, their son, the beach bum baby, Kai Jin. Mind you, the last time I was there was when I attended their wedding when I was only 5 months old so it has been over 3 years since we were last there.

The journey was an arduous one....Mummy claimed I'm so well behaved compared to the last time. Of course, I'm all grown up! :D and also....I had this to entertain me... :D

yes, ever since my mei-mei came along, i've been upgraded to the front seat!

this time round i didn't like the speedboat ride into the island - i told mummy next time i want to seat on the big boat like the one we went to pangkor island in but she said 'don't have wor!'

i had my roti canai and sugar (my favourite!) when we went into the island

couldn't wait for the sun to go away, so we soaked into the sea

later in the evening only, my mei-mei joined me, her first time swimming

i love posing for the camera

one of my modeling poses

and another pose

this is why i love junk food!

my handsome prince lazing around in the sea, i would have joined him but he went so far away from the beach

this was how i lazed around on the first few days (with my mickey mouse arm floats and the donut float)

my handsome prince came and chase me

when i'm not wandering off on my own, i'll be playing with my beach toys in the sea

and doing some more modeling poses

and some more....vainpot i am! :D

trying to grab mummy's attention while she took pictures of my mei-mei

as the days went by, i got braver and moved into the sea without my floats or without people around

with kai-jin, the mascot for Bubbles Resort, he got cool toys to play with too

when it's too hot to play in the sun, we play in his playpen - it's so huge, the adults can come in and party with us too!

me again, wandering off on my own

more poses

and more (anyone want to hire a tot model?!)
on the hammock

getting burried in the sand...papa was too lazy to dig a big hole for me (actually i dug the hole for papa but he was too big!)

It was a good holiday as I hung out at the beach the whole day throughout our 5 nights/6 days there. I didn't even nap and I got to eat junk food everyday. Only thing I didn't like was the speedboat as it was too bumpy, noisy and windy for me. By the way, if you're wondering why no pics of my mei-mei, it's because this is not her blog. :) You can go to her blog and check out her pics there.