Thursday, January 01, 2009

My 3rd Birthday

Happy New Year!

My birthday this time definitely made up for my 2nd birthday.

Papa fulfilled his promise to get me a bicycle and everyone is puzzled as to why I chose a blue one instead of a pink one since I’m so into all these Disney princesses stuff lately. The blue is definitely in contrast to the Barbie head, elbow and knee gear papa got me for Christmas.

my new bicycle

Anyhow, my birthday celebration started on the day before when I didn’t have to go to Aunty Ng’s. Instead mummy and papa took me to KLCC to Aquaria. My first time to KLCC and I had some fun, I got to eat ice cream too! The only thing was that I didn’t really like Aquaria, the place was pretty dark and there were huge fishes that scared the jeepers out of me. Mummy said the last time I was there was when I was in her tummy just a few days I was born.

i refused to let mummy take my pic so i was forced to take this one

with my barney friends!

The next day, I celebrated first at Aunty Ng’s with all my friends. I got my Mickey and Minnie Mouse Chocolate cake and also, Aunty made me a doll jelly cake. I also distributed my party packs to my friends at the daycare. They all had the same little handbags as me with their names sewn on them.

the party packs - this is mine and my mei-mei's

the doll jelly cake, ain't it pretty? i requested for a red one. my aunty ng sure is a talented lady!

my mickey and minnie chocolate cake

with my friends, waiting to sing me my birthday song

enjoying my birthday cake

a shot mummy took when she left the daycare, she thought we looked like prisoners

Later in the evening, we went over to my Aunty Pei See’s parent’s place for a barbeque to celebrate the New Year. And I got to celebrate my birthday again with the doll jelly cake Aunty Ng made for me. Also, I received some more presents. I got to play with them with my Kai Yeh (Godfather) and he also took me to the playground nearby. He gave me loads of junk food (chocs and ice cream) to eat. I got away with it as it was my birthday!

happy with my presents that my kai yeh helped me opened

playing with my toys

Having my birthday on the last day of the year sure has it advantages. My grandma said the whole world is celebrating my birthday and I would like to think so. Mummy and papa told me that when I’m bigger, I will be partying with my friends and they kept asking me whether they can follow me or not. I didn’t see what the problem was and I always tell them yes they can. And the weird thing was Mummy recorded this on the camera.

Hope your new year eve’s celebration was as fun as mine. Have a happy 2009!