Monday, December 31, 2007

Mummy's entry - My baby is 2 and still not feeling well

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Today, the girl is 2 years old and sadly, she hasn't recovered from her high fever which started last Thursday. Instead of having her little party at the daycare, we spent half the day at the hospital, getting her blood test done.

First thing this morning, we allowed her to open her birthday presents under the Christmas tree, she received double presents for Christmas and we saved some for her birthday. At least she was happy for a bit.

The poor girl asked to go to Aunty Ng's (her caretaker) and I was also contemplating to go ahead with the little party which is to bring her birthday cake and party packs (which she helped us to pack over the weekend) and have all the kids sing the birthday song to her. But I was putting myself into other parents' shoes, I wouldn't want a sick kid at the daycare to spread the germs.

Thank God the blood test showed all is alright except that she has a viral infection as suspected and some slight bacteria which probably from her eye infection. He gave us antibiotics on Saturday (which we brought her in again to see her doctor) for her eye infection since the girl is not letting us go anywhere near her eye. He said that her infection can be contagious if she goes near or touches other kids which was why I held back on going ahead with her little party.

Her Aunty Ng called just now to check on her condition and also to see if we're coming in her her party. I told her better not and perhaps we can have it on Wednesday morning when I send her in. Luckily for me, Secret Recipe is willing to hold on to her cake for me and I will pick it up tomorrow to be kept at Aunty Ng's. I've no space left in my fridge to keep a 2 and a half kg cake (I know it is hard to believe coming from someone who hardly cooks at home!)

Aunty Ng said not to mention to the girl about what we're going to do on Wednesday stating that some of the kids at the daycare have also fallen sick before their party and had to cancel last minute. And this is because they knew about their upcoming parties. I actually had this in mind too but didn't give it any thought till Aunty Ng mentioned it. Some Chinese taboo thingy I believe. Some kids are just sensitive towards these I guess. We shall see how next year's go then.... :)

Anyhow, when we left SJMC about 1 plus in the afternoon, we wanted to have lunch and decided for TGIF since we can celebrate her birthday and get some people to sing to her. It was such a bad idea as the girl was already tired and we had to rush the people to sing to her first before she fell asleep. Seeing the poor girl's condition after the birthday song was sang to her, hubby decided to pack all our ordered food and go home.

It has been a tiring weekend for all of us. The girl refuses to take her medication and we had to coax her. Mind you, this process takes a very long time, at least half an hour and more. Initially, she will take her fever medication orally as we threatened her with the suppositories (which she is afraid off eversince her constipation issues) but since she puked out some one night, she has been saying "vomit" every time we ask her to take her medication. So, I've given up in coaxing her and just forced the suppositories up her bum. And as for sponging her or putting the coolaid thingy on her forehead to cool her temperature down, this has also been another battle. She refuses all these, including taking her temperature (even the forehead reader!). Day time, I will give her a shower to cool her body but night time, we had no choice but to wait for the medicine to work on her. Lucky for us, she asks for water throughout the night so I'm guessing it is this that also cools her down.

She is asleep now as I'm typing this. I should also sleep as I'm not feeling too well from all the lack of sleep and battles with the girl. What a new year eve celebration for us....we will be asleep early tonight for sure and will not even see the fireworks happening outside our window like we saw last year.

Didn't expect to end the year like this nor have the last post here to sound so dreary. Hopefully, tomorrow, the 1st day of 2008 will be a better one for us. As for her birthday celebrations, will make it up to her when she is feeling way better. Happy Birthday Rye Li! Mummy and Papa promise you that you will have many, many, many more happy celebrations to come for your birthdays!

And a happy new year to all of you! :D


Shireen Loh said...

Poor girl!!! Speedy recovery lil Rye Li and happy birthday!!! *hugzz*

Happy NEw Year to all in the family!! :-)

KittyCat said...

Hi Syn - you should rest ya. Poor Ryeli - seems like a few kids are down with viral infections.

Happy 2nd birthday to her with lots of hugs and smooches from Lucas and me!

My Ahma (and my Mum) feeds kids with barley water & bird's net when they have a fever as it's cooling. Speedy recovery to her!

twin said...

hope she gets better soon.

happy new year!

mommy of 3 angels said...

happy 2008!!

hope all is well by now.

Wen said...

happy birthday rye li and hope u get well soon