Saturday, January 05, 2008

Updates and stuff

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Happy New Year everybody! On a happier note, I am feeling much better now although my eye infection is still around. Thank you to all of you for your concerns in my well-being. The fever went away on New Year’s Day itself.

this picture was taken the day before my birthday, see how unwell i looked

the contents of my party packs that will be given out the kids at the daycare
helping mummy out to pack the party packs that weekend
the morning of my birthday in which I got to open my birthday presents before heading to the hospital!

Although I didn’t get to celebrate my birthday as planned, I still got to have a little fun that day. My Kai Yeh (Godfather) came over in the evening and spent some time with me. He even watched Finding Nemo with me!
We were not awake during the countdown. All of us were fast asleep although we heard the sounds of the fireworks outside at midnight but we were too tired to be bothered by it.

On Wednesday, I got to celebrate my belated birthday with the rest of the kids at Aunty Ng’s when Mummy and Papa dropped me off. I wasn’t in a good mood though and even my Tweety bird cake didn’t cheer me up. We celebrated outside of Aunty Ng’s place after which I played at the garden area.
everyone singing to me (and I was so grumpy)

aunty ng's passing me my present from her

with Jesslyn and Alvern. i was holding on to my present, refusing to let the others touch it

On other updates, my Terrible Twos are here to stay. I’ve been extra gluey to Mummy ever since I was ill and any little thing that upsets me, I will cry. Mummy gave into me when I was ill but the last few days, she just let me cry it out.

I don’t listen much to Mummy and Papa these days, doing what I fancy anytime. I will let them nag me over and over again and I like testing their patience. At times I get away with it but most times, I will be punished at my naughty corner when I get really out of hand or they will just let me cry it out.

I’ve also been really cheeky lately, nothing new here, I’m only learning it from Mummy as she likes to tease me all the time.

During one of the nights when I was having my high fever and both Mummy and Papa were trying to coax me into taking my fever medicine orally, I had to tell them over and over again “vomit” as I was afraid that I will vomit everything out. Since my “vomit” didn’t get the message across, I pointed out my index finger at them and move it from left to right and tell them “no-no”. They found it funny but still, they insisted I took the medicine. In the end, they won the battle as they threatened me with that thing that was supposed to go up my bum if I don’t take my medicine orally.

Last time, when you ask me who Rye Li is, I will put up my hand and say “me”. Now, depending on my mood, I will either say that or say “mummy”. Whatever questions you ask me these days, the answer will always be “mummy”. People find this funny but my answer is simple, I want people to know that the naughty one is Mummy and not me! And when Mummy or Papa scolds me, I will tell them that they are naughty for scolding me.

The other day, when Mummy asked me who Rye Li is and I answered “mummy”. She replied “Ok, I will call you Mummy now. Hello Mummy”. I replied “No-la, mummy is this” and I pointed to her.

I also like to point my finger at Mummy and say “stop it!” when she irritates me (like how she does to me). And when I want something, I will go “Give me NOW”. I will be reprimanded when I say these and will be reminded to say please. But can you blame me for saying these? I only learn from what I hear most of the time. Really!


KittyCat said...

Poor thing - she does look unwell on her birthday. She sounds better now.

Haha, I was telling my sister that we try to be polite with Lucas but we're not THAT polite with each other. He's talking more now and I bet he'll go into the same mode too since I talk to him that way too!

Wen said...

happy Birthday girl!!

Shireen Loh said...

Happy belated birthday lil one!!! You are really cute and so big edi!! Be good to mommy and daddy ok...see you soon!!