Thursday, December 28, 2006

My first Christmas!

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Merry Christmas to all!!!!!

Never knew Christmas can be so fun...Since I already have my 2 front teeth, albeit late, I received heaps of presents instead (just wondering when the top 2 teeth will come out)!

We spent Christmas eve at Mummy's grandma's place, the usual annual family get together Yuletide celebrations. There were heaps of presents there that they made the Christmas tree looked so small. I had loads of fun with so many interesting things to see and touch over there and I also received loads of attention. :D

hey, why are they all crowded around the Christmas tree without me?!

oh, there are heaps of presents under the was only looking, promise!

hehe. i'm just holding on to my present, that's all!

isn't Christmas the spirit of giving?! here uncle R, take my tupperware! sorry ya, I've finished my biscuits already!

The next morning, I got to open all my Christmas presents. There are 2 birthday presents that Mummy said I will need to wait for my birthday first. Already I got the huge car that Ai Yee got me for my birthday. I can't ride on my own yet as my legs cannot reach the ground so I get pushed around in it by Mummy or Papa. I prefer to push it myself though...Mummy likes to sit and ride it herself and makes me chase after her. The car is surely hardy coz even Papa can sit on it and Mummy has warned him that he will need to buy me another one if he breaks it.

all my Christmas presents and some early b'day presents...what joy!

We went over to my Kai Yeh's (godfather) place in the afternoon and spent the rest of the day there.

Testing out the cool shoes Kai Yeh (Godfather) and Kai Mah (Godmother) gave me for Christmas and Lucas' mummy gave me the pretty dress (yes, they are still kinda big for me but they're too nice to resist)

Thank you to all for my wonderful Christmas presents!

We hung out at Kai Yeh's clubhouse and I had so much fun playing at the children's room. There were so many colourful balls!

can you see my 2 tiny front teeth at the bottom?!

I hear that I'll be swimming again on my birthday at Kai Yeh's place after my birthday party and I really cannot wait (as it has been so long, the last time was when I was about 6 months plus as I've been sick pretty often after that). Mummy said that it'll be ok since it's after my party and that it's also my birthday. And, I'll be getting my first taste of Mummy's favourite dessert, ICE CREAM!!! ....that is if I've recovered from my cough.

Below was taken a week before Christmas...we had a Mummy and baby gathering with Mummy's friends and I got early Christmas presents!

opps, you mean it's not Christmas yet?!!

On my physical progression, I think I have put on the weight that I have lost when I was sick. Mummy says I'm heavier and that I'm eating and drinking more these days. I now can drink 5-6oz most of the times and some times more (I know it still sounds little but I was only drinking 3-4oz at one go, sometimes lesser in the last 2-3 months). My appetite has increased tremendously and I eat more porridge than before but I don't seem to have a liking for baby cereal and bottled baby food anymore. But for biscuits and bread, you can give them to me anytime!!!! I wonder if I will feel the same for ice cream?! Papa complaints that I'm taking after Mummy, the junk food Queen (and she says she takes after Grandma)

I can now walk confidently...Mummy and Papa think it's amazing how from 5-8 steps more than a week ago I now can walk all the way from the living room to the kitchen (it's like at least 20 steps) and I'm trying to run instead of walk in the last 2 days. Oh Boy, I cannot wait till I turn 1 year old!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Mummy’s entry – Having a baby means….

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It’s been nearly a year since Rye Li has come into our lives and I thought that I should pen down the great experiences of the journey ever since I found out I was pregnant. So having a baby to me means….

- realising how flexible my body can be

- feeling the greatness of a little one growing in you

- gaining the benefits of being pregnant, all of a sudden everyone around you becomes more sensitive to your needs, esp. hubby

- being able to get away looking fat (when the baby is still in you of course)

- getting all pampered at the hospital (never received so much attention and care before)

- feeling proud of being a mother and bringing baby home for the first time

- getting all warm and fuzzy when baby sleeps on you

- getting first class priceless moments when baby starts to smile/laugh/talk to you

- getting more first class priceless moments when baby starts to crawl/walk to you when you get back home from a hard day at work

- appreciating my mother more (I now know why mothers say “wait till you’ve become a mother”)

- realising what a great entertainer (clown/singer/dancer) I can be (to rye li of course or what I’d like to think so)

- going back memory lane and singing all those nursery rhymes again and also learning more new ones (I seriously have never ever sung so many nursery rhymes and children songs in my life!)

- becoming the child in me all over again!

Sunday, December 17, 2006


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I survived Bangkok, fairly miserably perhaps as I was not feeling too well but I did enjoy the whole trip though.

I was asleep nearly throughout the flight there and back (which Mummy is so thankful for) so nothing much to update about the plane ride.

Once we got there at night, Uncle K and Aunty P picked us up and we stayed the night at their place. The next day we moved into a hotel-cum-service apartments...I like this place alot as I get to wander around and the bed is really huge. Although Mummy got me a baby cot, I slept with them throughout as I'd protest whenever I'm put into the cot.

my happiness 0n the huge bed...if only mummy's and papa's bed is this big.

i love this round table in our room...i can go round and round non stop

and i love the huge bath tub too!

me in the living room, all dressed up and ready to go for the wedding dinner

my grin, too bad you can't see my teeth (yes, they're finally out! but still it's just the tips that are out)

family album (note that i was in the sling with mummy for most of the trip)

picture with the happy couple

can you spot the baby?

me on the sky train, er....eating illegally...mummy thinks i will not get caught since i'm a baby

papa bought this painting for me at the weekend market (chatuchak) and this little girl is the artist, too bad i was asleep when all this took place

the infamous traffic jam at bangkok, just had to take a pic

me at bangkok international airport waiting for our very delayed flight back home

Mummy managed to do her shopping but she wished for more time to do more shopping. She also managed to get her massage done (although she didn't get a full body massage), she got away with a foot massage only as I was next to her the whole time on that mattress. She told papa that the next time we're there, he's going to take me out while she has her full body massage...he owes her just that! Hehe...dunno when we will ever be back there again though.

Oh ya, another highligtht of the trip (other than me having fever for 2 days)...I fell off the cot! For the first time (as mummy has always been so careful with me whenever I'm in my cot or on her bed), I fell off the cot and landed flat on face! Mummy cannot forgive herself for this and Thank God that I wasn't affected by the fall. I actually got flung out from the cot when the railing (that opens outwards) gave way due to the latches not latch on properly. Mummy thinks the railing broke my fall so I didn't fell too hard on the floor. This happened the next morning of our first night at the hotel and yes, I got to sleep on the bed with mummy and papa the rest of the nights there. :)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Not well

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I've not been feeling too good for the past week, fever came and stayed for like 5 days. I'm down with a sore throat, blocked nose and then it lead to an ear infection. I had to go to the doctor's twice and I sure didn't like it. Now when I see my doc, I will start crying in protest! Mummy mentioned that I used to smile and laugh at him when I was younger...huh?!!! what was I thinking of then? How can I smile and laugh at someone that probes me all over?!

Being sick is really no fun...I've no more appetite and I'm losing weight. The last we checked, I was 7.5kgs, lost 0.2 kgs within 2 days and I'm losing more as I'm not eating or drinking as much as before. Mummy is worried and wonders how to feed me...her tactic now is to feed me frequently in small amounts with my favourite snacks thrown in too like biscuits and bread. Any ideas how to maintain at least my weight and not lose more?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Looking more like who?

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Let me first show you 2 old pictures...

One of them is Ah Mai (Papa's sister) and the other one is Mummy when they were both were just babies. Which one do you think my Mummy is?

If you say the second one, wrong! I sure do like Ah Mai don't I?

And here's a pic of Papa when he was just a boy (we don't have any of his baby pictures in the house)...

Don't you think he's such a pretty boy? my new found trick when you ask me to show you my tongue. How it all started is that Mummy always show me hers so one day (about a month back), I responded with mine and the rest is just history.

Papa scolded Mummy for teaching me her bad habits and she denied it...but we found proof that it is an old habit of hers alright!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Weddings and more weddings!

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My Kai Yeh (Godfather) got married last weekend (sorry girls…he’s not available anymore!). Here’s some pics from his wedding ceremony…

me, just receiving an ang pow (red packet) from kai yeh and kai mah

er, my future boyfriend?!, s kor kor proposing to me...with parental guidance of course! he was very protective when this aunty and baby came to sit next to me, voicing and showing his unhappiness. i know i will be well protected around him.

family with papa and mummy

with uncle k and aunty p...we'll be attending their wedding in bangkok in the next few weeks

my new found friend

check out the below first ever participation in any yam seng (bottoms up) session at weddings!

sorry folks...i'm off to another wedding today at melaka... hope 2 do a yam seng again! C u all soon!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

a glimpse into the future

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this is how i will look like when i'm very old and cannot walk on my own anymore

Monday, November 13, 2006

All I want for Christmas is ...

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Yes, my two front teeth! No, they’re not out yet…should I be worried?! I know Mummy is….I’ll be turning 1 end of next month and my teeth are just not coming out. The bumps are there, they’ve been around for the last 5 months but they refuse to pop out!

On my other physical progress, I’m now 7.54kgs and 65.5cm in height…still petite! On the brighter side, I’m now standing without support and can stand for more than 30 seconds on my own. I’m walking about my cot and also along the sofa. All bets on me that I’ll be walking confidently by the time I hit a year old….we shall just see.

Some pics of me…

in your face....this is what I'll do if you don't let me get what i want

my natural hitler pose, it's actually higher but the camera couldn't capture it in time

me getting bored

me totally bored and trying to get the message across

There’s some more pics and some videos too….be patient ya…they are on the way…stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Up in the sky to north

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I flew on a plane sooner that expected. Ah Kong (paternal grandfather) is not well lately and Mummy and I had to fly up to Penang last minute to join Papa there 2 weeks back.

Mummy was worried the whole time as I've been coughing and also had runny nose. She was grateful that Papa's colleague, Uncle K was also flying with us as he had to go to Penang to work. At least if Mummy had to go to the loo, he's around to carry me. He also helped in carrying my bag for me which was really heavy...Mummy packed alot of my things (she got carried away again).

The flight was cancelled so we had to wait for the next one (lucky again that Uncle K was with us). So we had late lunch at the airport and I had my early dinner there too except that I didnt finish my food.

The plane journey was kinda ok except that I cannot stop fidgetting around and cannot sit still. I was supposed to be strapped on when the plane took off but I fussed so much that I managed to get lose from the strap. Mummy tried to feed me this funny drink which I declined totally. It was sour, seems it's pear juice and tasted really horrible. I kept moving about and disturbed this uncle sleeping next to us by touching his hand and watch, Mummy had to keep apologizing to him. Mummy made me stand up and I was playing with this uncle and aunty sitting behind us.

Towards the end when we were about to land, suddenly my ears hurt and I cried but it lasted for a while only and all was ok after that. While waiting to get out of the plane, Mummy left me to sit on my own on the seat. All the aunties and uncles around me who were standing all looked at me smiling. I felt so overwhelmed that once Mummy opened her arms to carry me, I quickly jumped to her.

This is my third time in Penang and I was not feeling too well. I had fever during my stay and was coughing alot with a very runny nose. Had to take medication throughout. Papa joked that the eldest (Ah Kong) and the youngest (me) wasn't feeling well. Ah Kong and Ah Por were very happy to see me and we made most of our trip spending time with them. After 2 nights with them, Papa, Mummy and I went home by car. We hope to go back and visit them soon. Take care Ah Kong and Ah Por, see you two soon!

My next flight will take place just over a month's time and I hear it is longer than the one I just took...Mummy swore to use diluted adult's juice this time instead of the baby juice she got me.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Deeparaya adventures

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Papa is missing again... and this time round, in his absence, I have alot of people around me. It started with Kakak (Aiyee's assistant) hanging around the house and then, there's also Ah Mai (Papa's sister). Ah Mai came back for a week as Ah Kong (paternal grandfather) is not feeling too well. Then Ah Mai left for the States and this was when Mummy and I came over to Ai Yee's (Mummy's sister) place to stay.

It's been alot of changes for me that I'm was very clingy to Mummy initially. I don't usually go to Mummy and lie on her chest but I have been these few days. It took me awhile to warm up with everyone but I am ok now with all especially with Grandma and she's really happy that I wanted her today. She's been complaining that Mummy doesn't bring me over that often (and hence, I'm not familiar with them).

Everyone dotes on me here and gives me all the attention I want. If Mummy is not around, I get away with alot of things but if she's around, she spoils the fun for me. Like last nite, I learnt how to scream and everyone laughed when I screamed. Mummy told them not to react to my screaming but they all ignored her when she went and had her bath so I was screaming all the way. What fun!!!

Here's the pics with my cousins, RW cher cher (big sister) and JT kor kor (big brother)

And this one, I've learnt how to watch tv with them (to Mummy's disapproval) once I wake up early in the morning.

Papa, when are you coming home? If you're reading this, Mummy says she wanna loads of goodies. Goodies sound good, I wanna some too ok?!!! Hurry up and come back ya.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My duck-ducks

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Let me introduce to you my started with the musical one that hangs in the car above my car seat. This is quite special because it plays music when you pull the string underneath it. It plays 'Lullaby and Goodnight'. This keeps me entertained in the car. Only at 7 months I managed to learn how to play the music myself and don't need mummy's or papa's help to play the music for me.

It's a pity that I don't have this musical duck-duck anymore in the car. When the first one got spoilt (the string got stuck), papa bought another one from the same store but it also got spoilt not long after that so I'm now duck-duckless in the car.

It's okay, I got the other duck-ducks at home...these duck-ducks keep me company when I'm having my bath. I love having them around and I know it's bath time when I see them. The bigger one you see in the picture, this is my prize trophy! One day, we were out in the shopping mall and mummy was about to pay for something at the counter. Papa noticed this big duck-duck sitting on the counter and pass it to me and I refused to let it go after that. So mummy had to pay for it too and I was holding the duck-duck throughout our stay at the mall and also in the car till we got home. I even slept holding the duck-duck in my hands. Mummy told papa that lesson learnt from this is to never ever pass toys to me anymore in the store, especially expensive toys! Lucky for her this duck-duck was on discount and it is not expensive.