Sunday, December 24, 2006

Mummy’s entry – Having a baby means….

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It’s been nearly a year since Rye Li has come into our lives and I thought that I should pen down the great experiences of the journey ever since I found out I was pregnant. So having a baby to me means….

- realising how flexible my body can be

- feeling the greatness of a little one growing in you

- gaining the benefits of being pregnant, all of a sudden everyone around you becomes more sensitive to your needs, esp. hubby

- being able to get away looking fat (when the baby is still in you of course)

- getting all pampered at the hospital (never received so much attention and care before)

- feeling proud of being a mother and bringing baby home for the first time

- getting all warm and fuzzy when baby sleeps on you

- getting first class priceless moments when baby starts to smile/laugh/talk to you

- getting more first class priceless moments when baby starts to crawl/walk to you when you get back home from a hard day at work

- appreciating my mother more (I now know why mothers say “wait till you’ve become a mother”)

- realising what a great entertainer (clown/singer/dancer) I can be (to rye li of course or what I’d like to think so)

- going back memory lane and singing all those nursery rhymes again and also learning more new ones (I seriously have never ever sung so many nursery rhymes and children songs in my life!)

- becoming the child in me all over again!

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