Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mummy's entry - PD

Our PD trip was an utmost disappointment. First, we arrived late as hubby had to attend to some work so by the time we arrived, it was around 5pm. The place wasn't up to expectations at all. The place we stayed at, a "condotel" was very rundown and we had to pass by several abandoned blocks to get our unit and it was kind of scary. Luckily, there were some people staying at our block.
They do not have a beach there but there was a man-made one with a swimming pool concept and that we have to drive to this spot from our condotel. So we decided to go and check it out after we have settled in our room.

It was also a disappointment as it looked as it needs some maintenance work. At first I thought the pool looked really dirty and told the girl she can't swim in it at first glance. But hubby said it has sand in it like a beach concept (but then again, so did Hard Rock Hotel Bali and it looked really crystal clear!). Anyway, we let her play on the sand and she did play in the water with hubby. We were only there less than an hour and I told hubby that I wouldn't mind going home already. Haha. We just let the girl had her fun.

Our room was really basic and what I didn't like was that there's no phone line at all to the reception which was situated very far. I mean what if there was an emergency?! The furnitures were also stained and it looked so bad like it was second hand furnitures. At least the queen size bed was comfortable.

That night we all couldn't sleep well due to the girl getting up after midnight and making such a fuss - she was crying and kicking us all over. I'm guessing it has got to do with her squeezing in between us on the queen size bed (at home, it's just me and her on her queen size mattress so she has a lot of space to move about) and also the fact that I had her pajamas with the booties on (she has not been using this for months and probably not used to her feet covered up but I had it on her as I was worried she will be cold - she hates blankets). In the end, hubby and I didn't sleep well and I made up my mind that we're going home the next day! We were suppose to spend 2 nights there. Luckily PD is not that far from KL.

The next morning I asked the girl why she behaved like that the night before and she denied it. I told her if she behaves like this at Kuantan which we will be there tomorrow, there will be no more holidays for her anymore. This is by far the worst behaviour from her in terms of our holidays and frankly speaking, if she behaved like this previously, I wouldn't want to bring her any where. My friend thought that it could be there were other "stuff" in the room that bothered her but I doubt it as she can talk to us now and also that she was fine just before she fell asleep, playing with us on the bed.

I told hubby that Thank Goodness there is Kuantan and that we will be at a better hotel there or else, I feel so cheated of my holidays! I waited till my second trimester to have a holiday as I'm feeling much better now than I was a month back. Let's pray we will have a good one at Kuantan, I will be mostly alone with the girl day time as hubby got to work.

Below are some of the very few pics I got of the girl there, I wasn't even bothered to take pics of the place. Yes, it was that bad! ;)

the girl making a mess - she insisted to have all her beach toys in the water

the girl on the water slide - she will only go if her papa is with her


KittyCat said...

Welcome back! Ya, the place sounds horrible - like one of those 'promotion packages' we got ripped off once.

I WAS preggy then and we went back the next day. Also the first time I've seen Hubby get angry with hotel management LOL

Shireen Loh said...

hmm...wasn't good eh..but from the pics, your girl looked so cute in that cutesy bikini!! :-)

Wonderful Life said...

Hi, 1st time dropping by. Anyway, your girl is so cuteee!

ryeli said...

kittycat - it was definitely a rip-off but i shldnt complaint as i got the vouchers really cheap! i still got 2 more vouchers but i think we'll forego it.

shireen - thanks! at least she had her fun.

wonderful life - thanks for dropping by and thanks for your comments too.

Mummy to QiQi said...

hi Syn,

thanks for dropping by and hey, congrats to you too. Your girl is really lucky to become jie-jie at such young age.

My hb comes from kuantan so we are quite familiar around there. Let me know if u need any recomendation of hotels and nice food :)

ryeli said...

mummy to qiqi - thanks for dropping by too and your offer of where to eat at kuantan. we already got back on tuesday though. perhaps next time ya.