Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Camerons - November 2009*

*another very backdated post (and there will be more to come)

We went back to Camerons in November last year although we were there the month before celebrating my mei-mei's 1st birthday. Mummy had a company's trip cum annual dinner so we all decided to tag along but we stayed at my grandpa's apartment.

Since the previous month, we didn't go to the waterfalls, we decided to stop at the waterfalls this round. Papa and mummy had no choice as I kept asking them about it till they gave in. So here are some of the pictures...

and with any other hoildays, i get to eat my junkfood! :D

had to be mummy's model again

We didn't take much pictures after that as the weather up at Camerons were soooo gloomy as it was raining everyday! I did however go to my regular spot which is at the playground. Sorry no pictures as mummy and my mei-mei didn't go as they were stuck at the apartment. Mei-mei was not feeling very well.

Since the weather was so gloomy, we stayed indoors most of the time. Not a place to visit during rainy season. If you want to see more pics of my mei-mei and her updates during this trip, you can visit her blog at http://haye-li.blogspot.com/.


Shireen Loh said...

wow. the papa sleep also ada gay wan heheheh

ryeli said...

shireen, yes, he can sleep like that. i also wonder how he can, just like a baby hor! :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

is the waterfall somewhere in the middle up to mountain?

zmm said...

waaaaa... what happened.. why all the super back dated post?

ryeli said...

chin nee - yes it's somewhere halfway up camerons. for the life of me, i cannot remember the name....i think it's latar iskandar.

zmm - feeling guilty neglecting the blogs. so have to update the important ones lor. still got somemore leh! :(