Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pangkor Island

This is a very backdated post. It has been sitting in draft for so long and only now we're getting it posted as I'll be going for a beach holiday soon again .;)

We went to Pangkor Island sometime mid December last year with family and family friends from London. We took a bus there and it was my first time sitting in a bus.

note: I only slept towards the end of the journey as I was really excited sitting on the bus!

I was also asleep on the ferry that took us into the island and only got up when we were nearly arrived at the island.

I sure miss this sling, Mummy don't carry me anymore lately so no more slings too. I believe it's hiding somewhere in the house!

So what did we do there for the 3 nights we were there? At the pool and beach of course! And I had so much fun as we pratically hung out there the whole day!

this is what I mean when I said we hung out by the pool the whole day - i even had my nap like this!
And when it was nights, I get to play with my cousins and my Grandma.

When it was time to go home, most of us especially the kids were really pretty sad as no more hanging out by the pool or beach!

Below are some pics with me and my London friend, Emre (please forgive Mummy for adding the funny comments!)

"Hello Emre, it took me days to grew fond of you and today we have to leave!"

"ooh, nice of you to come and join me here while we wait for our 'train' to take us to the ferry"

"here, come let me sayang you while I still can"

"better still let me give you a smooch"

"hmmm, no reaction"

"fine, let me go back to sucking my thumb and lean on someone who appreciates me more!"

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Your Penang boy - Lucas said...

LOL Rye Li - you're no wallflower, eh? Love the last cute photo! Mmm, let's just say that we guys are not into girls...YET

I envy your beach holiday and will definitely grab those Minnie Mouse arm floaters if I saw them! Mum only got me horribly, bright yellow ones :P