Sunday, July 12, 2009

Perhentian 2009

Aunty Ng was closed for a week, her annual shutdown during the 1st week of June and hence, we went for our holiday at Perhentian Island to see the happening mascot of Aunty Pei See and Uncle Ronnie's dive resort, their son, the beach bum baby, Kai Jin. Mind you, the last time I was there was when I attended their wedding when I was only 5 months old so it has been over 3 years since we were last there.

The journey was an arduous one....Mummy claimed I'm so well behaved compared to the last time. Of course, I'm all grown up! :D and also....I had this to entertain me... :D

yes, ever since my mei-mei came along, i've been upgraded to the front seat!

this time round i didn't like the speedboat ride into the island - i told mummy next time i want to seat on the big boat like the one we went to pangkor island in but she said 'don't have wor!'

i had my roti canai and sugar (my favourite!) when we went into the island

couldn't wait for the sun to go away, so we soaked into the sea

later in the evening only, my mei-mei joined me, her first time swimming

i love posing for the camera

one of my modeling poses

and another pose

this is why i love junk food!

my handsome prince lazing around in the sea, i would have joined him but he went so far away from the beach

this was how i lazed around on the first few days (with my mickey mouse arm floats and the donut float)

my handsome prince came and chase me

when i'm not wandering off on my own, i'll be playing with my beach toys in the sea

and doing some more modeling poses

and some more....vainpot i am! :D

trying to grab mummy's attention while she took pictures of my mei-mei

as the days went by, i got braver and moved into the sea without my floats or without people around

with kai-jin, the mascot for Bubbles Resort, he got cool toys to play with too

when it's too hot to play in the sun, we play in his playpen - it's so huge, the adults can come in and party with us too!

me again, wandering off on my own

more poses

and more (anyone want to hire a tot model?!)
on the hammock

getting burried in the sand...papa was too lazy to dig a big hole for me (actually i dug the hole for papa but he was too big!)

It was a good holiday as I hung out at the beach the whole day throughout our 5 nights/6 days there. I didn't even nap and I got to eat junk food everyday. Only thing I didn't like was the speedboat as it was too bumpy, noisy and windy for me. By the way, if you're wondering why no pics of my mei-mei, it's because this is not her blog. :) You can go to her blog and check out her pics there.