Saturday, May 29, 2010

On Bahasa

I've been learning Bahasa Malaysia (BM) in school and was also taught our Rukun Negara. Mummy finds it amusing that I speak BM with a funny accent. I don't exactly know what they mean but I've been learning them anyway and can repeat the Rukun Negara like a broken record.

The below video is of me singing "Burung Kakak Tua" which I have learnt from Aunty Ng's.

I'm becoming more self conscious and do not like Mummy showing people of my videos. She says it's because I'm talented and it is worth showing people how good am I but still. I don't understand what is it with her and the camera. Geez!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Mummy's entry - on giving birth

It’s interesting that Rye Li has yet to ask me about the birds and the bees, not that I want her to also. :D

She knows that a baby comes from the mummy’s tummy and that the tummy will grow bigger and bigger and when it is big enough, the baby will come out. She also knows that the baby will either come out from the tummy or from the vagina but she has never thought about it until recently when I told her one of my good friends has just given birth to a baby girl. And she went:-

Rye Li: Baby T came out from Aunty J’s stomach ah?

Mummy: Yes, Baby T came out from the stomach coz her head was facing up inside the tummy and cannot come out from the pot-pot (our home slang for referring to the vagina)

Rye Li: Oh

Mummy: Rye Li and mei-mei came out from mummy’s pot-pot

Rye Li: Eeeeeyuucks! Disgusting!

Mummy: Well, there’s only 2 ways of the baby coming out. It’s either from the tummy where the doctor will cut the tummy and once the baby is out, the doctor will sew the tummy up. Or the baby will come out from the pot-pot.

Immediately she replied “Next time when I have babies, I want my babies to come out from my pot-pot!

And I thought she would tell me that she’s never having babies. :D

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mummy’s entry – How vain she can be!

It seems when Rye Li started kindy in January, she has been practicing for their concert which will be held end of this month. I remembered when she first used the word “kompang” (malay for a traditional musical instrument and can also be termed as a drum), I didn’t exactly make out what she was trying to tell me although she told me that she is playing the kompang at class. It was only when I knew that there will be a concert in May, I put two and two together and realized that she has been telling me that they practice their kompang sessions nearly everyday in school (I’m impressed at how early they prepare the kids for the concert).

So naturally, we are all aware at home that this girl with the rest of her classmates will be playing the kompang for their concert and personally, I am very excited for this as this is my first time experiencing such things as a mom.

I did probe with Rye Li whenever I can whether they had practice that day or not. I also asked what does she do with the kompang and she would show me in actions what her steps are and so on. And then I also asked her about her costume and she told me that it’s pink in colour. More than a week back I asked her how her costume is like and she described it being very sexy with a bare back top and I had this vision in my head already. Then few days later, there was a notice in her bag (her kindy got this exercise book in which it is meant for notices to the parents and they’ll make sure that the parents have read and understood it by signing on it) that she’ll need a pair of white socks and black shoes for her concert.

Since it was kind of vague as to what type of shoes she needed, I thought that I would ask her teacher to confirm the kind of shoes she needs. So I managed to get hold of the principal and asked her about it and she told me that Rye Li would need those dainty black shoes for girls (as opposed to sport shoes – don’t know why sport shoes came into my mind when I first saw the notice!) as she would be wearing a baju kurung (traditional malay costumes for girls). When she mentioned this, I nearly burst out in laughter as it is so opposite to the bare back top I have in my mind. And also silly of me for thinking a sexy costume when I very well know she’s playing the kompang. I did ask Rye Li about it that evening, describing how a baju kurung will look like and she confirmed it as that being her costume. I did tell her that there’s no way anyone would be dressing sexily when playing the kompang and she laughed it off.

Anyway, we also just got to know that there will be a rehearsal next week at school and that the parents were given notices to have the kids attend class in their black shoes and white socks plus some makeup on. The girl was so excited about the makeup part as she has always been pestering me to let her wear makeup (she observes me when I wear my makeup) and I have managed to convince her that she can only wear make when she’s older or that if she’s someone’s flower girl at weddings and she has bought it all this while.

This picture was taken during CNY this year when I met up with my girlfriends and one of them who brought her 2 elder girls along had lip gloss with them and my Rye Li got so fascinated by it. I allowed her to wear it (actually my friend’s daughter was the one who put on the lip gloss for her and I had a tough time explaining to her why they had lip gloss with them later on – I knew she would ask me this question after that).

So now my story has changed that she can only wear makeup at concerts (she also laughed at the idea that the boys also need to wear makeup and I told her only at concerts). She is so excited about this that she has been telling everyone that she meets at the daycare (including some mothers that picked their kids up) about it. See how vain my little one can be. She even asked Aunty Ng (the daycare owner) to tie her one ponytail by the side and let some hair fall out. Geez!

As much as she is excited about having to wear makeup, I am very excited about seeing my baby performing at a concert. I don’t how she will fare but regardless of the outcome, I will still be very proud of her. I hope I can update on it when the time comes….I know, I’ve been such a bad blogger these days and I’ve missed out on so many good posts of the girl already.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mummy's entry - On her conversations

Rye Li being the natural chatterbox that she is never fails to surprise us with what she has to say. At times, she can be really rude as she must always have the last say, of course, with me telling her off for being rude. But still, stubborn as always, she will then give me that “hmmph” look when she knows she can’t answer me as if her actions seem to be louder than her words.

Here are some more of her conversations with us…

One night many months back, while on the bed getting to sleep, her papa got close to her to give her a goodnight kiss but instead smell her and she went :-

Rye Li: Why you smell me? You think I’m McDonalds? You want to eat me ah?

Or while lying down on the floor watching tv and we accidentally brushed against her, she will go :-

Rye Li: You think I’m a chair? You want to sit on me?


She loves to complaint about her little mei-mei whenever Haye Li does something wrong. I know she wants to see my reaction towards her mei-mei and I do scold or correct Haye Li when she is in the wrong too. They’re both at the stage where they will fight over a toy or something and at times mine or their papa’s attention. When one does something, the other will follow. It can be so tiring! For events that I didn’t witness and this girl will come to me and complaint about her mei-mei, depending on my mood, I will tell Haye Li off or at times I will tell Rye Li to stay away from her mei-mei especially if she knows her mei-mei is going to snatch her things.

Last nite, Rye Li came to complain to me that Haye Li stepped on her when she was lying down on the mattress. I didn’t see this and I know Haye Li didn’t purposely want to step on Rye Li and she probably want to get to the other side in which Rye Li was in the way. I just took a different approach this time….

Rye Li: Mummy, just now mei-mei step (ped) on me when I was sleeping on the mattress

Mummy: What do you think I should to her? If mummy scold her, she will probably cry and then she will do it again. So how?

Rye Li: Beat her

Mummy: Yea, but she will just cry and then stop. And probably do it again to you. So how? What should we do to mei-mei so she can learn to behave?

Rye Li: Beat harder!

*Maybe a sign I should stop smacking them when they’re naughty*


On Mother's Day over the weekend, we spent the day at my parent's place and Rye Li was hanging out with her two cousins, Ro Wyn and Jo Tien. My mom (their Grandma) was with them at that time and in their conversation, my niece, Ro Wyn mentioned that "Grandma is fat".

Rye Li replied "You're not fat Grandma, you're just nice. My papa is fat!"

This really made her Grandma's day that day!

The most interesting of all are her conversations with her papa over the phone when he is away on his business trips. There will always be the duty calls at nights before her bedtime.

A typical conversation will sound like this :-

Rye Li: Papa, where are you now?

Papa: I’m in XXX

Rye Li: You sit aero plane ah?

Papa: Yes

Rye Li: You stay where papa?

Papa: I’m staying at XXX hotel

Rye Li: Oh, you stay with who?

Papa: I’m staying alone

Rye Li: Ok, what are you doing now?

Papa: I’m with my customer having dinner

Rye Li: Your customer what name?

Papa: XXX

Rye Li: Your customer boy or girl?

Papa: Boy

Rye Li: You having your dinner where?

Papa: In a restaurant

Rye Li: What is the restaurant (‘s) name?

Papa: xxx

Rye Li: Papa, what are you eating?

Papa: I’m eating so & so. Ok Rye Li, papa got to go already.

Rye Li: Ok papa. I love you papa. Talk to you tomorrow night. Good night papa (*typical response every time she ends the conversation*)

At times, the conversations can also be like this…

Rye Li: Papa, you go there for how many nights?

Papa: 2 nights

Rye Li: So you come back Friday ah?

Papa: Yes, I come back Friday night.

Rye Li: Oh, who is that papa? *upon hearing some voices at the background*

Papa: Papa’s friend and customer

Rye Li: What’s your friend (’s) and customer (‘s) name?

Papa: xxx and xxxx

Rye Li: Boy or girl?

Papa: Boy and girl…Uncle XXX and Aunty XXX

Rye Li: They stay with you in your hotel room ah?

Papa: No, they don’t stay at the hotel

Rye Li: Oh. They stay where then?

Papa: I don’t know Rye Li

* Note: I have not taught her at all to ask these questions to her papa and I myself don’t even ask such things of him. God knows where she has learnt how to interrogate her papa like. She would always ask if her papa is with somebody or not and whether that person is staying with him. I wonder if we women are all born natural at asking these questions. LOL!