Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mummy's been tagged as Rockin' Girl Blogger

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Would you believe it that Mummy's been awarded as a Rockin' Girl Blogger by Belle's Mummy?!!! Hahaha...I can understand Rockin' but I don't understand why girl ah? You see, I hear people call her "Arntee" (Aunty) so shouldn't she be awarded a Rockin' Aunty Blogger instead? ;)

My mummy rocks alright...she has always been rocking as far back as I can remember. Of course, she started with rocking me to sleep and then she also rocks me to dance. Along the way, she will be rocking her self dancing to entertain me. Initially, I will just stare at her thinking she's mad. Then I will laugh along coz I think she's funny. Now, when I'm in the mood, I will join her as well if not, I will just stare at her and laugh!
Thank you Belle's mummy for this I'd like to pass this Rocking' I mean Rockin' Girl Blogger Award to Lucas mummy (if she has not been tagged already) coz I think she rocks too!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Calling people

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I know how to ask for people lately. As I know everyone in Ai Yee’s (Mummy’s sister) family and I will go:

Ah Yee” – Mummy will say that she is at home.

And then I will say “air-rik” (Uncle Eric) and Mummy will say he is at home, at Ai Yee’s house.

Then I will go “che-che” (referring to Ro Wyn, my cousin sister) and Mummy will say she is at home, at Ai Yee’s house.

And then I will go “tor-tor” (as in kor kor, referring to Jo Tien, my cousin brother) and Mummy will say he is at home, at Ai Yee’s house.

And then I will ask for “ta-tak” (as in kakak, referring to Ai Yee’s maid) and Mummy will say she is at home, at Ai Yee’s house.

I will also add “Pa” (referring to Grandpa) and Mummy will say he is at home, at Grandpa’s house.

And then I will ask for “em-mah” or “mama” (referring to Grandma) and Mummy will say she is at home, at Grandpa’s house.

And this whole cycle will start all over again and again.

When Ah Mai (Papa’s sister), Uncle Jason (Ah Mai’s husband), Ah Por and Ah Kong (my paternal grandparents) left KL, I’ve been asking Mummy and Papa:

Ah Mai
- in which they will answer “Ah Mai not here, Ah Mai in LA at home”

Then I will go “Chern” (Uncle Jason)
- and they will say “Uncle Jason with Ah Mai in LA at home”

Then I will go “Tong-Tong” (Kong-Kong)
- and they will say “Kong-Kong in Penang at home”

And then I will add “Por-Por
- and then will say “Por-Por in Penang at home”

And this whole cycle will start all over again and again.

Another family cycle I do also is for Papa’s friend, Uncle Adrian;

I will go “Ah Wai” (referring to Aunty Siew Wye, Uncle Adrian’s wife) and then “air-jern” (referring to Uncle Adrian) and then “Chon” (referring to Shawn, their son).

And lately, I will also ask for the people I know at the nursery;

“air-lis” for Aunty Alice
“ang” for Aunty Ng
“choo” for Aunty Choo
“chon” for Shon
“min” for Baby Madalene

And of course the “che-ches” and “tor-tors” too.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Correcting my speech

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Ever since Penang trip, I’ve been adding “s” into the words I know. For example:

“po-po” (wanting to be carried in cantonese)
- I will say “ I want po-pos”

- I will say “uh-ohs”

“chor-chor” (sit down in cantonese)
- I will say “chor-chors”

There was even one time I went “papas” when I was calling out to Papa.

Mummy and Papa have been trying to correct me and kept telling me “No s”….and when they do I will say “ess” (for the letter “s”) as if I understand that I’m not suppose to add the letter “s” in my words. Most of the time, I will say the right word when corrected but only to repeat the same thing over and over again.

Mummy thinks the word “bubbles” is to be blamed for this.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Penang – wedding and meeting up sessions

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We were all up in Penang last weekend for Peh Deh’s (Papa’s brother) wedding. Ah Mai (Papa’s sister) and Uncle Jason (her husband) flew back from LA for the wedding and we drove up to Penang together.

Grandma and Grandpa were also invited to the wedding and they had to bring along Ro Wyn and Jo Tien (my cousins) as Ai Yee (mummy’s sister) was away that weekend. So we all had fun at the hotel we stayed at. Well mostly as we didn’t get the chance to swim at all…what happened was on the first day we were there, we wanted to go swimming but the weather didn’t permit. We were all geared up and went to the pool but the wind was so strong and it also looked like it was going to rain that we decided to go back to our room and play in the bathtub instead. Then Kai Ru (papa’s friend’s, Aunty Jo’s son) joined us as well so there were 4 for us in the tub playing. And the weather the next few days didn’t permit us to swim either.

Ro Wyn, Jo Tien and I playing around the lobby area while waiting to be checked in

The 4 of us stucked in the bathtub (it's a jacuzzi but the water level will be over my head for it to work)

The next day was a hectic one as it was the wedding day…we went to pick the bride up during the day and had all the celebrations and by the time we know it, we only had a couple of hours to get ready for the dinner. I was really moody that day, probably coz I wasn’t feeling too well already as I had a runny nose.
Kai Ru posing with the wedding car (I was too grumpy to want to be in the picture)
my grumpy look
trying to get my toys away from Kai Ru while at the bride's place

my samseng (gangster) look in the car (not feminine at all)

getting my ang pow (red packet) from Peh Deh

and also hogging mummy's and papa's ang pows as i feel i deserve them!

the Lim's (notice I'm still holding on to the ang pows)

Just before the dinner, there were some more photo-taking sessions at the restaurant and I was being a busybody and followed the bride around. But during dinner, I was so clingy and refused to acknowledge anyone who wants to play or carry me…only to mummy, papa, jo tien, ro wyn and kakak. But I was mostly glued to mummy that night.
p.s. i'm having problems with the below fonts....stay tuned, will try and update/correct them later

The next day, Grandpa and Grandma left with my cousins and kakak to KL. I was not happy when they left but I couldn’t follow them since we’re staying another night there.

this was taken before they left to KL

With Kai Ru

The highlight of this trip was that I got to finally meet my blogging buddy, Lucas. We only met up for a while but it was good enough for our mummies to catch up while attending to us sitting on the baby chairs. Mummy was admiring the way Lucas drinks his water (a whole lot more than I do) and also the number of teeth he has (whenever he opens his mouth, especially when he smiles, you can see a whole lot of pearly whites!). We (Lucas and I) made a huge mess on the floor; Lucas was dumping some of his food onto the floor while I was tearing and throwing serviettes onto the floor. Actually, we were bored while our mummies chatted away (like long lost pals) so we had to entertain ourselves. Lucas’ mummy was so nice to clear the mess we made when it was time to leave. We said our goodbyes and I can’t believe our mummies made us kiss each other goodbye! I guess coz it will be awhile before we ever meet again…anyway, Lucas’ mummy did a good dialogue on our pictures and you can view it here.

see what nice set of teeth Lucas has

We left for KL the next day, leaving Ah Mai and Uncle Jason behind at Kong Kong’s place. They all were off to a short holiday before they came back to KL. Ah Mai and Uncle Jason have left to LA – I will see them again (hopefully) in October there.

bye Uncle Jason, guess I wasn't so scared of you after all!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Homemade Bubbles

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Papa has been saying that he wants to buy me some bubbles (the blowing ones) since I love bubbles so much but he kept forgetting. So I guess he was feeling guilty about this so he made a homemade one for me…

It doesn’t look that cool eh but it works and I’m cool with this!

It worked for a while till papa realized it can only have 1 bubble at a time, so he tried to improvise but failed after numerous attempts. In the end, he took me out to get the real ones…

And I had loads of fun again later!

Correcting Mummy

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Papa installed the card box materials I got from my music class on Saturday night and Mummy was telling me that it is a doghouse and I replied “box”.

This morning, Papa was going through my animal book with me and he asked me what is this and I went “glasses”.

Can you spot the dog with the glasses? We were at the optical shop on Saturday to find a new pair of glasses for mummy and I was taught this word.

In both instances above, I’m not wrong here am I?!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Definitely Taller

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This is what I mean when I said I’m much taller now from my previous post. I think it is time to get me a wider cot (but mummy says it is time to move me into my room where there’s a queen size mattress awaiting me).