Saturday, June 30, 2007

18 Months Updates

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I’m 18 months today. No height and weight measurements this time as my checkup with the doc is another 3 weeks away so will update on that later….I’m much taller now and I think I’ve definitely put on some weight but overall, still kind of petite.

Teeth – still 6; 4 on top and 2 at the bottom. No idea when are the others are coming out, no signs at all.

Speech – a whole lot more words since Mummy’s update. She forgot to mention that I make words up for those I cannot pronounce properly.

thank you : “ta ta”
balloon : “noh-noh”
music : “peh-pik” (every time we’re in the car, I will be asking for my music to be played)

I’m also more expressive these days;

get down : “get dum” (mummy is trying to correct this as she says it is not nice to get dumb)
put back : “pu bak” (when I’m done playing with my toys, I will get mummy or papa to put them back)
don’t like : “don yike”
don’t want : “don wan”
oh no : “o no”
oh dear : “oh duh”
oh my god : actions only – I will put both my hands on my face

I’m making more sentences as well. Most of them will sound baby-ish but mummy and papa can roughly make out my sentences. This morning I asked papa “wa u wan?” (what you want?).

I also recognize objects easily and will inform mummy or papa when I see familiar things. For example, I recognize the star on mummy’s clothes and will point at it and say “star” or when I notice flowers or bubbles on tv, I will go “fa-wah” and “bub-bles”.

I can also say “soh yee” (sorry) now but when I do say this, my hands will automatically go on my head (actions taught by Aunty Ng, my caretaker at the nursery).

On my physical developments, I’m jumping and skipping around these days but will be told off when I’m doing this on mummy’s and papa’s bed.

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