Sunday, May 21, 2006

Another jab

Why must I have jabs so often? It seems like it was just yesterday I took my last one. I just don’t understand the obsession with jabs. It’s not funny when you get that sharp thing into any part of your body.

I saw Dr Lee again and as much as I don’t like the pain, I found myself very well behaved. As usual, there were a lot of people there and we had to wait our turn. First thing we did was the usual stuff of measuring my height and weight. I’m now 6kgs and 57.2cm in length. Later, when we were inside, Mummy asked doc why my height has not improved much since 6 weeks ago (I was 57cm & 5.4kgs then) and he said the previous measurements may not be accurate. That kept her quiet for a while.

While waiting for my turn, I fell asleep, I just got bored looking at all the people and kids around me. But shortly after I slept, I was woken up coz I was put down on this cold mat. It took me a while to realize where I was so I was looking around sleepily and the doc was pressing me here and there. I didn’t recognize where I was and started to cry and then I heard Mummy’s voice. Then I found myself smiling after that. This time again the doc didn’t smile back, he’s more interested in what Mummy has to say.

Doc passed me to Mummy and soon after that I felt a sharp pain at the left side above my bum. I didn’t know how to react and yelped out a “wah” and that was that coz Mummy immediately talked to me and that kept me quiet. Mummy found this shocking and she told me how proud she was of me.

I still got another jab in 6 weeks time and another one 6 weeks after that. No fun!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Of laughs and hiccups

Ever since I’ve learnt how to laugh, it has become a natural thing for me to hiccup immediately after a good hearty laugh. It doesn’t bother me initially but lately, when I hiccup for too long, it gets on my nerve. Mummy or Papa will try and make it go away by giving me water and it works most of the time. I think my internal system is still too young to understand how laughing works. Mummy will regret for making me laugh when I start to hiccup after that but she cannot help it coz she finds me so adorable when I laugh. Papa took a video of me laughing and then hiccupping but Mummy hasn’t figure out how to download that to my site yet. So you just have to wait to see how adorable I am. In fact, if you notice, not a picture of me has been up on this site…mummy tried once but not successful. She is trying to find the time to make this happen…so just be patient ya?! ;)

Monday, May 01, 2006

My first trip to Penang

I didn’t get to see the bridge to Penang – both going there and coming home. I missed it coz I was sleeping in the car. Mummy said what a waste that I didn’t get to see it but then again, don’t think I would see it that clearly too as Papa has tripled the layers of the car blinds next to my car seat. The sun gets really hot during the day and my skin is still too delicate. So now I only get to see the 4 animals hanging up above me (used to be 3 but the duck got added up there on our way to Penang) and of course, the blank wall in front of me. At least, I get to see Mummy who entertained me most of the time when I’m awake.

At the beginning of the journey, I got fed by the bottle while in the car seat. This is new to me and I was mesmerized by the moving animals that I took my own sweet time drinking till I fell asleep. But not for long though coz I was woken up by the stillness of the car – Mummy had to pee. And then from there on, I couldn’t fall back to sleep so I was entertained by Mummy again. Halfway through, I drifted back to sleep only to be waken up when we arrived at the hotel. Everything looks so new to me so I kept looking around. We couldn’t check in yet so Mummy and Papa had lunch at the nearby coffee joint. It was really bright that day that I was squinting my eyes and yet looking around. I was so curious about everything I saw that I didn’t realize I was hungry too. Watched Mummy and Papa ate while looking around and Mummy kept saying “see the sea out there, isn’t that nice” but I was more interested in everything else but the sea. When they finished eating, only did I get my bottle of milk and I finished everything up.

Ah Kong and Ah Por (my paternal grandparents) visited me…they couldn’t wait till Friday for me to go over to their place. Since our room was still not ready, they entertained me at the lobby while Papa went to work. I kept smiling at them, what interesting expressions they had. I was really happy that I got entertained actually – it’s not often that I get all the attention I want. But we waited at the lobby for so long that I soon got bored and tired. Just as I started to whine, Mummy came over and said we can go up already. Both Ah Kong & Ah Por stayed for a bit more in our room. I was put on this huge bed on my front and the curiosity of this new place got to me. So I was pushing myself up with my hands to get really high up to see my surroundings. Ah Por and Ah Kong found this stunt amazing and was encouraging me. As I was really tired already, I wanted to be comforted so I started whining. Mummy came to my aid and Ah Kong & Ah Por decided it was time to leave. Soon after they left, I fell asleep.

Dreamland didn’t last for long though, only less than an hour. So Mummy thought it was time for my bath. I was bathed in the sink – I tried to move like how I always move in my bath, i.e. kicking and splashing but the space I had was so restricted and hence, a lot of water was kicked out. It was a quick bath since Mummy didn’t want me to freeze in there. After that I was really alert so I was being entertained by Mummy. I like it here coz I get aircond the whole time. At least I don’t sweat as much.

That night I got to meet some people. We went to see Aunty J and her son, KR koko (big brother) but not for long though coz I got cranky. And after that we went to see mummy’s friend, Aunty E and her mom. On our way there, I was fed in the car and was falling asleep but became more alert inside Aunty E’s house. They entertained me a lot and I rewarded them not only my smiles but my laughs too (which made papa envious coz he has yet to make me laugh). It was getting late and I was getting tired so it was time to go. I was fed again in the car and fell asleep all the way to the hotel only to be rudely awakened in the cold coz Mummy was trying to change me into my pajamas and clean diapers. The shock got to me and I wailed. Mummy tried to shush me but it didn’t work till she finished changing me and shut me up with her nen-nen (breasts). She knows me well, her nen-nen always comfort me. After that, everything was in dreamland.

The next morning, Papa left for work while Mummy and I stayed back in the hotel. I didn’t sleep much again, guess I’m too excited with my new surroundings. And again I was bathed in that tiny sink. Papa came back in the afternoon and we checked out of the hotel. On our way to Ah Kong & Ah Por’s, I fell asleep in the car. Woken up when I was being ferried in the car seat from the car to their place. After that, I was entertained by Ah Kong & Ah Por. I didn’t sleep much there and so I was cranky again in the evening and in the car when we all went out for dinner. Fussed in my car seat but it didn’t work, Mummy just tried to calm me down. In the end, I was too tired to fuss anymore and I fell asleep, even all through their dinner.

We went back home the next day with both Ah Kong & Ah Por too in the car. I slept most of the way, the rhythm of the moving car makes me really sleepy. More than halfway through the journey, I got up and was entertained by Mummy. But I was getting fed up of sitting the whole time and fussed. My fussing didn’t get me anywhere; I was still stuck to the seat so I cried louder. Only then I got carried out and was put into the sling and Mummy’s nen-nen comforted me. And finally we reached home!

Hope my next Penang trip will be longer and that I get to see the bridge at least.