Sunday, March 08, 2009

My CNY 2009 post

Yes, it's been so long but I'll just put up some pics of my CNY. As you will know from my mummy's blog and sister's blog, we all were down with the flu and I'm still coughing. It's in the air, everyone we know is practically coughing for the longest time.
I'll let you enjoy some pics first....

on the ferry, on the way to Pangkor Island on Chinese New Year's eve

in my new swim suit

happily picking up shells on the beach

look at my pickings!

Not long after that when mummy told me about the little crabs that were all over the beach, I became aware that were so many and I freaked out! Now I will tell you I don't like picking up seashells anymore and would want to be carried on the beach

this is when i also got sick with fever which lead to a whole lot of coughing after that

my grumpy face on our last day at the island, waiting for the ferry

All this while, I've only ever met one of my blogger friends, Lucas (actually, we were suppose to meet Lucas and his mummy too this CNY but we were all too ill then and they were only in KL for 2 nights). And since I missed the chance to meet another one, Belle, when I was at San Francisco in 2007, we made the effort this time round to see her although for only a short time. Belle and her family were here in KL to celebrate CNY. Too bad that we didn't get to see her mei-mei, Cassie, who was asleep then. Here's some photos of us.
had to take one with our papas as I was too grumpy to take any picture alone with Belle

and then it was quick ones with our mummies, it's so tough to take good shots!

What do I think of Belle? Although mummy and papa says she's so cute, I was intimidated by her. She kept kissing my mei-mei and I wasn't happy with this and showed my grumpiness throughout. And then she became friendly with my papa too..... but she didn't play with me as I also didn't want to play with her. She prefers my mei-mei more but when mummy asked her whether she wants another mei-mei, she quickly replied "no!". I don't blame her as I also don't want another one.


KittyCat said...

Hey, nice meet! Did you get a haircut? Looks good :)

Too bad we missed each other - would have been fun to see how Lucas and Rye Li interacted LOL

He's getting SOOOO out of control nowadays i.e. banging people on his scooter, knocking kids down etc :P

I'm like a mad woman at the playground yelling: LUCAS!!!STOP!!! NO!!!

Vien said...

Shame on me..still haven't post about our meet. LOL!

zara's mama said...

don't want meimei.. want didi?