Sunday, March 15, 2009

My mei-mei & I

I love playing with my mei-mei right from the start. When she’s in her cot, I will want to play with her. If I can’t reach her, I will grab a chair or stool and play with her.

These days, I will ask mummy to put mei-mei next to me on the bed or mattress so that I can play with her. I love kissing and hugging her although mummy will scold me for being too rough on mei-mei. When mummy is not in sight and mei-mei cries, I will pat her and go “ok, ok, ok, mei-mei don’t cry, cher-cher here ok?!

Initially, when mei-mei was just born, I didn’t understand why mei-mei doesn’t want to play with me. Now, I’m happy when she smiles or laugh at me when I play with her. When this happens, I will tell mummy that “mei-mei likes me!”.

I’ll let the following photos illustrate how much I love my mei-mei!
my playmate at home!

see, i love my mei-mei so much, i don't mind her pulling my hair!

giving a helping hand

we even read books together!

we watch tv together (i need to teach her young!)

i even try and 'feed' her

and sleep together (when mummy is watching us that is as i kick a lot in my sleep)
If you would like to see more photos, you can go to my mei-mei's blog by clicking on this. :D


wen said...

poor mei mei, dont know what the jie jie wants from her..hehe

KittyCat said...

They look so, so, so cute together :)

Rye Li is such a big jie jie now!

Makes me really, really, really our No. 2 will show up soon...

Or Lucas is gonna be a giant next to a baby later.

Mummy to QiQi said...

it is such a blessing to have these 2 girls yeah...

Shireen Loh said...

so cute! Esp the cher-cher attempting to feed mei-mei part. Such priceless keeps to show them when they are older..

Sasha said...

meimei likes to pull cheh cheh's hair also? hhahhaa same like my justin loves to pull jaydens hair. Eh maybe its a sign of love

zara's mama said...

Wow.. I like the breast feeding photo best!

She must have learnt from you. Haha.

So cute!