Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mummy's entry - Life without you

Dear Rye Li,

This can be considered the first time you’re away from me the longest (Bangkok last year don’t count as Mummy was away for work). I’m at home now while you’re away on a holiday with your handsome King (you have upgraded papa as you want to be the princess as usual).

To tell you the truth, Mummy was looking forward to this quiet time (although not that quiet as mei-mei is with me) as the past few nights, you were annoying me with your endless questions and your usual dilly-dallying stubborn self. The 2 nights before your trip, Mummy punished you by not letting you watch your TV before bedtime and you were not very happy with this.

It’s been only 1 night you have been away from home and Mummy misses you so much! In fact, yesterday itself when you left, Mummy already missed you!

You sounded really happy on the phone and Mummy is proud of you that you are all grown up now and sad at the same time too as you don’t really need me there with you. I guess it’s also probably you’re having so much fun without Mummy restricting you to a lot of things I usually do at home. I know you didn’t finish that whole ice cream nor ate so much junk food like what you said just now on the phone – as I know papa made you say that just to make me worry.

Mummy is happy that you’re happy and having a blast at the beach. I’m looking forward to seeing you after your holiday as I want to give you a big hug and kiss (Mummy feels guilty for punishing you now especially when papa forgot to take along the Barney DVD you so wanted to watch!).

But you don’t annoy Mummy so much okay?! And stop being such a smart Alec, er Jane and keep your comebacks to yourself okay?! I’m still dumbfounded with your reply that night …”Mummy, you don’t shout at me ok, after (wards) my ears pain ah!”. God knows where you learnt such comebacks from but you should keep these when you have started work in the future as these would do you good then. :D

Mummy got a slight confession to make – I’m enjoying your side of the bed (actually, it’s papa’s side but it has been yours for the past one year) and also, I’m enjoying your TV time as I get to watch all my shows now. Luckily, mei-mei doesn’t know how to ask for TV yet so I’m enjoying these nights to myself. But mummy still misses you though.

I will see you soon yea….Mummy loves you….sooooooooo much!

p.s. I hope papa is taking loads of pictures as we need to update your blog!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mummy’s entry – Like a beach*

*beach = actually means the other word that sounds like this, you know, the female dog (this is a baby friendly site mah!)

I was whistling the tune of Katy Perry’s song “Hot n Cold” in front of Rye Li and when it came to that part of the song, Rye Li went “Like a beach*

It caught me off-guard and I went “What you just said?”

She went “Like a BEACH*!

My response?! = “Yes, you’re right! Like a beach*” and started laughing and she got annoyed at me for laughing at her.

This girl listens to our songs and now she only loves female songs. She used to love Jason Maraz’s “I’m yours” but now will say “I don’t like boy (‘s) songs, I only like girl (‘s) songs!”.

I forgot that when the songs are played on TV and on the radio, they are censored off from those words. But lately, this girl watches these songs on You Tube especially her all time favourite, Taylor Swift’s “It’s a love story” (this girl can sing the whole song!) and recently, the whole Mammamia’s soundtrack!. Anyway, she must have picked this word up from You Tube.

I am now thinking that I should be more careful when I let her watch these music videos on You Tube. She knows how to click those videos herself (once I’ve opened up the website for her).
Anyway, I'm not too worried about this word since she probably thinks it's the actual word of beach which she loves a lot. Ain't life a beach?! :D

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Me first, me first!

It’s been some time ever since I had this “me first” syndrome. Everything we do, I always have to be the first one and I will go “Me first, me first!”.

When we reach or leave home, I have to be the first one that enters or exits the house. If I don’t, I will give you my infamous black face and will sulk. My Kakak will give in to me but not my mummy at times, especially when she’s rushing. Mind you, my mummy will just let me cry it out if I burst into tears which is why I will just sulk instead (saves the energy).

When it’s time for my shower, I will get upset when my mei-mei has her bath first and I will complaint and sulk big time after that (to mostly getting either nagged or ignored by my mummy).

This has been annoying mummy a lot lately as she always nag me that there are no such thing as “Me first” but I will still insist as my friends at the daycare always do this to me.

So mummy has been telling me if I like this “me first” business a lot, the next time when we’re at the doctor's, I can go first instead of my mei-mei and I will quickly respond “No, mei-mei first!” and this has always been the case every time we see the doctor together. I hope we’re not seeing the doctor soon.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

A weekend getaway

Over the long weekend, we went to Cyberview Lodge for a night and basically to have fun. I had so much that I didn't want to go home. I hope we can go back there again.... enjoy the pics!

Yes, I love holidays! I will be going back to Perhentian Island again and this time, it's just me and my handsome prince, my papa! I'm already looking forward to those junk food....yumm!