Sunday, July 27, 2008

June Holidays - Camerons & Penang

This is a backdated post - won't go into so much details here but a summary of what we did during the first week of June when Aunty Ng was closed for the week.

We first went up to Camerons and stayed at Granpa's place for 3 nights before heading of to Penang. Too bad that our Astro card didn't work so I didn't get to watch my cartoons there. Our only entertainment at home was some music played by my Ipod and papa's laptop and of course, me.

On the way up, the traffic was so bad (no thanks to the school holidays too) that it took us awhile to reach Grandpa's place. Also, I vomitted towards the end from the winding road. Papa had to stop one side to clean me up and also to feed me my dinner as I was hungry by then. By the time we reached Grandpa's place, it was like 8-30pm already and we left KL at about 1pm!

The following are some pictures that we took:

with all my hair clips and hair bands - preparing to go out

at the playground - my cousin sister had the same pic at the same spot when she was very young too

We managed to go to the Boh Tea plantation, something Mummy has always wanted to do but never got the chance the last 2 times we were in Camerons.

Our tea - doesn't tastes as nice as it looks though and it was pricey!

a family pic, something so rare these days. luckily a guy happened to walk by and we grabbed the opportunity

a funny pose with papa

We wanted to go strawberry picking after that but the places to pick strawberries were closed so we bought some at the market and went back to enjoy them at the balcony of Grandpa's apartment.

The next day we managed to visit a nursery with a strawberry farm. And thanks to our family friend, we got to pick some and also bought alot at a very good price too. I was really happy picking them, well, Mummy did the most picking, I just did the collecting and eating after that.

Some other poses below at the nursery....

We left Camerons for Penang and stayed at the hotel on Gurney Road as papa had to work. While he was working, I was having fun at the hotel's pool and play area for kids. We were there for 3 nights. The first time at the pool, my Ah Kong and Ah Por (paternal grandparents) joined mummy and I. I tried making Ah Kong joined me at the pool but he only stood around like my bodyguard. Mummy forgot to bring her swimming gear so she couldn't join me and I was alright with this since I get to play with my toys.

this was the closest I could get Ah Kong to be with me in the pool

see what i meant with my personal bodyguard?!

The next day, I got my friend, Kai Ru and his mummy to accompany us at the pool. We had some fun playing and fighting (he was grabbing all my toys!)

After swimming, we played in the hotel's room till dinner time.

I loved my holidays so much that I kept asking mummy and papa "I want to go for holiday" when we got back home. I was even singing "Hooray, hooray, it's a holi-holiday!" throughout our time in Camerons. I hear mummy is planning to go back to Camerons for another holiday before my mei-mei (Chinese: little sister) comes out. Hooray!


whoisbaby said...

that's a lot of hair clips.

wen said...

she is really cute!

KittyCat said...

Are those ALL hair clips??? Hello...Ratatouille will drown in them LOL

I admire your patience with teeny weeny things - I can't stand them probably coz I have big, fat fingers.

I WANT A SCONE AND FRESH CREAM!!! Suffering from all the Chinese food here :P