Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mummy’s entry – My little chilli padi!

Few days back, I was told by Aunty Ng that the girl slapped one of her daycare mates that day. What happened was that there’s this girl who’s about a year older than Rye Li started screaming and Rye Li was just standing next to her. I think it must have startled Rye Li and she immediately slapped the girl in the face and said “why you scream so loud?”.

Aunty Ng upon seeing this reprimanded Rye Li and asked her to apologize to the girl but she refused. After several attempts of warning to Rye Li and by counting to 3 (sounds so familiar as I go through this with her all the time!), the girl still refused.

So Aunty Ng took her out of the house and left her there and asked her one more time to apologize or she will have to stay out and the girl still refused. Only when Aunty Ng was about to close the door on her, she apologized. And she went back in to apologize to the girl.

This girl is really stubborn and I’ve no idea where she learnt to slap like that as I’ve never slapped her face before. I have used my hands to smack her bum or thighs but never her face. I asked her why did she slap that girl later and she replied “Because I naughty” and smiled at me. I had to lecture her several times after that on this but I’m not sure if she has learnt her lesson.

She sure has a character and at times she doesn’t know how to be shy at all. This girl also has the habit of going to our front door (grilled door) when she hears our neighbour (a couple) going or coming home. She has been doing this for as long as I can remember and eventually, she started calling them aunty and uncle. She has spoken to them more than hubby and I ever had staying here for 4 and a half years!

Lately, she got bolder. She will ask the lady “Aunty, where you go?” or when the lady is alone, she will ask “Aunty, where uncle?”. I usually will let her be all this while when she goes to the door to look but when she starts asking this kind of keh poh (Cantonese: busybody) questions, I will butt in and tell her not to be such a keh poh chi and ask her to come into the house.

Also, the time when we were at Kuantan, while at the swimming pool, this girl saw a kind-of plump man and said so loud to me “Mummy, I can see the uncle’s nen-nen!”. I didn’t know where to put my face at that time and only told her not to be so rude! I cannot imagine the kind of words that will come out from her mouth in future in public. Children! They’re still so innocent eh?!


vien said...

Wakakakakaka..if Rye Li sees Jon w/o his shirt..she will def see uncle's nen-nen too..hahaha..

It's quite susah hor..when they are not friendly, you will force them to be friendly by forcing them to greet ppl. When they become too friendly, we get scared 'cos we don't want them to talk to ALL strangers. I think it's us adults making them confuse.

KittyCat said...

Wow...she sure is one chilli padi! Maybe she got the slapping from TV or somewhere else. I'm monitoring Lucas' TV now coz he watches action scenes *very closely*

Lucas loves to open our door too when he hears the neighbour going out. Guess they just want company lor. They are so innocent and friendly like what Vien says.

Btw, here's The Bookworm's tag for you!

Mummy to QiQi said...

not easy to educate children yeah....sigh...*pengsan* sometimes when i look at my own toddler!