Saturday, November 21, 2009

Camerons - October 2009

We went to Camerons in October to celebrate my mei-mei's 1st birthday.

This what I did to entertain myself

We stopped by this hot spring at Kuala Woh, Tapah, which is on the way to Camerons and I had some fun in the waters.

I wish that I could go swimming or build stuff with the sand but we didn't bring any gear for this so papa said next time, we will have a picnic here.

After lunch, we went up to Camerons and I really wanted to stop by the waterfall at Latar Iskandar but it was raining so we headed straight to my grandpa's apartment.

When we have settled down, the rain stopped and so papa took me to the playground.

We had steamboat for dinner at Brinchang which the food was only so-so.

No, I'm not talking to anyone but listening to my favourite song, Love Story by Taylor Swift on papa's phone.

After dinner, we went back to the apartment and celebrated mei-mei's 1st birthday with a cake.

The next day, after breakfast, we went to the playground again and this time, with my mei-mei. I love this playground, every time we are in Camerons, this is must-visit place for me or else I will be showing you my blackest face ever.

After that we went back to take our showers and papa had his nap so while waiting for him, mummy took some shots of my mei-mei and I.

Finally we got to get out of the apartment and headed towards Boh tea farm at Ringlet. But I fell asleep on the way and so when I woke up, it was about to rain and hence, we hung out at the cafe for over an hour or so. So, no tea leaves pictures this time round.

I love eating mei-mei's leftovers when she doesn't finish her baby jar food, only the fruity ones that is.

Because the weather was so depressing as it was raining still, we hung out at the apartment and I got to enjoy some strawberries which I love so much. The sour, the better! This is also another must-have when I'm at Camerons.

My black-face pics - I didn't want mummy taking my pics but she kept going at it at my face

After trying many attempts to smile for her (since she didn't give up), we had a successful one.

Why’s & other observations

Rye Li: Mummy, your husband is papa. Why you marry papa and not somebody else ah?

Mummy: If I marry somebody else, you and mei-mei not here already!

Rye Li: Oh, alright. Alright!


Rye Li: Mummy, why you wear glasses ah?

Mummy: Because if I don’t wear them, I cannot see.

Rye Li: Oh, alright. Alright!


I saw mummy putting on her make up the other day before leaving the house for work.

Rye Li: When I big that time, can I put that thing on my eye?

Mummy: Can!

Rye Li: Can I put lipstick also?

Mummy: Can!

Rye Li: Can I drink ice water also?

Mummy: Can!

Rye Li: Can I drink…er…what is that drink ah mummy?

Mummy: Baileys!

[I happened to chance across one night when mummy was drinking this with ice and after smelling it – a habit of mine smelling things – I really love the smell but was not allowed to drink it as it is an adult’s drink]

Rye Li: Yes, can I drink Baileys also? I like that drink.

Mummy: Can!

Rye Li: Yeah!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Because my voice is so tired!

I always have excuses, one after the other, when Mummy or Papa ask me a lot of questions or when they tell me to do something. I’m smart in thinking of all sorts of replies and the latest one :-

Mummy and Papa always tell me to greet people when we meet them and almost all of the time, I will just keep quiet and stare and them. I don’t get away with this though as I am always told off after that.

Several days ago, when mummy asked me why I didn’t greet her friends at their house, I went “Because my voice is so tired!


Sunday, November 01, 2009

Physical updates a.k.a Drama Queen updates!

I went in for my flu jab yesterday which I wasn’t aware of till it was already too late. I thought it was for my mei-mei’s jab you see so I was happily playing in the doctor’s room. As usual, I insist that my mei-mei sees the doctor first and she was very well behaved when she had her jab. Only a slight ‘WEK” and then she was alright.

I was happily playing with the toys when I realized that I was going to have a jab too and I started screaming and crying like it’s the end of the world. Mummy (who said that I couldn’t have ice cream as I had a slight cough earlier) went “Rye Li, you want ice cream or not? After the injection, mummy will get you some ice cream.”

In all that screaming and crying, I answered “I WANT ICE CREAM!” and continued crying and screaming. I resisted BIG time but papa held me down. Mummy who was carrying mei-mei also had to help to hold me down. Her face was next to my face and she kept telling me that she will get me ice cream after the injection. I was screaming “WAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH” the whole time and then when I felt the pain, I went “OWW OWW OWW” and then “WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”. And when I realized it was over, I went “I WANT ICE CREAM!!!!” and continued crying! They put the plaster on my arm and I was still crying, thinking of that ice cream that mummy offered me. You can bet on it that I was asking for ice cream in my saddest voice ever till I got my ice cream.

Mummy had to talk some sense into me after that as to why was I crying and screaming like that, after all, the pain was only for that few seconds. She told me that I was not to cry and scream like that again for future injections but I told her I want to cry and scream and that I don’t want anymore injections!

Anyway, I got measured for my weight and height which is 14.5kgs (still petite) and I forgot what my height measurement was. Also, I got told off by mummy as she forgot to ask my doctor about the constant rashes I have on my body (since early this year), especially on one side of my nen-nen which started like a month ago. She thinks it’s the milk I’m drinking and she has tried changing my milk to other brands but I only want my original milk. I am that stubborn as even though I understand that my milk is causing me to have rashes, I told mummy that I don’t want to drink milk anymore if I can’t drink this brand.

You got buy me something?

Over the phone conversation on one of papa’s business trips…

Rye Li: Papa, you got buy me something?

Papa: No, papa got no time

Rye Li: Then you go tomorrow morning la

Papa: Around here got no shopping centre

Rye Li: Then you go to Toys’ R Us la

Papa: I don’t know where Toys’ R Us is at

Rye Li: You turn right, turn left, turn right and turn left la (This is what I always tell people if you say you don’t know where so and so is or if you’re lost)

Mummy interrupted: Girl, if papa keeps buying you things how can we go for holidays? Papa need to save money for our holidays

Rye Li: Papa, you don’t buy something for me. You save money then we can go for holiday.

Papa: Ok!

Mummy’s note: To all traveling working parents out there, don’t keep buying things for your kids as they will expect it all the time. KLIA is making big bucks of her papa as you will notice a toy shop on the way out.