Sunday, November 01, 2009

You got buy me something?

Over the phone conversation on one of papa’s business trips…

Rye Li: Papa, you got buy me something?

Papa: No, papa got no time

Rye Li: Then you go tomorrow morning la

Papa: Around here got no shopping centre

Rye Li: Then you go to Toys’ R Us la

Papa: I don’t know where Toys’ R Us is at

Rye Li: You turn right, turn left, turn right and turn left la (This is what I always tell people if you say you don’t know where so and so is or if you’re lost)

Mummy interrupted: Girl, if papa keeps buying you things how can we go for holidays? Papa need to save money for our holidays

Rye Li: Papa, you don’t buy something for me. You save money then we can go for holiday.

Papa: Ok!

Mummy’s note: To all traveling working parents out there, don’t keep buying things for your kids as they will expect it all the time. KLIA is making big bucks of her papa as you will notice a toy shop on the way out.


twin said...

haaha .. clever girl rye-li.

KittyCat said...

I know what you mean! Lucas puts in orders for trains etc each time Hubby calls :-)

And I'm soooooo tired yelling and screaming at him for messing up the hall, I told Hubby ENOUGH of trains etc until he learns to clear his mess.

A Mom's Diary said...

I think I've never bought toys for Yiu Yiu in all my trips. If I ever buy anything, they were mainly clothes/shoes and since she didn't get to wear them straight away, she wouldn't associate those with my trips :-)