Friday, January 06, 2006

my life journey begins

Mummy doesn’t know if it’s from all that walking she did the day before I came out to this world that made me er…well, came out to this world. All I know is that I was still comfortably warm and snuggly in my own world when I realized the space I was in was getting tighter and tighter. Amidst all the talking (not just mummy’s but others too), screaming and crying (mummy’s…funny though she wasn’t talking anymore by this time), I felt my surroundings were caving in on me and the next thing I knew, I was being forced through a very tight passage into a very cold room.

I was being handled quite roughly and boy was it cold that I heard myself trying to say something but was just a mere cry! I heard someone saying “don’t u want to kiss your baby” and I felt a light touch on my right cheek. After all that handling, I heard a voice saying that I’m 2.5kgs..oh no, not 2.5 but 2.3kgs which later I found out made mummy totally shocked (her weight issues again) as 2.3kgs is just over 5 pounds. Her doctor lied! So it was all mummy’s weight…well the most of the 21kgs she has gained anyway. Poor mummy!

Anyway, when I felt all warm again except for my face…it was interesting to feel my nose breathing in cool air. So different. I was finally carried to mummy and was given some food. Somehow I find myself suckling on mummy and there was a warm feeling towards it especially when the warm liquid from mummy came out. I finally got to see what the outside world looks like but everything seems so blur then. I recognized mummy and papa for sure but there were so many people after that that came and went. I was too tired to focus that I was asleep most of the time only to be rudely waken again in between.

In short, I came out at 9.28am on new year’s eve, 31 December 2005. and now my life in this world begins…