Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mummy’s entry – Rye Li’s going to kindy soon

I have to say, my kids being at the daycare sure has made it easier for me in terms of finding a school for them. I didn’t even have to scout for one, I just asked Aunty Ng (the daycare owner) for recommendations which she has mentioned a few and also knowing this mom at the daycare (who happened to be a blogger too), I made up my mind to send Rye Li to the same kindergarten as her kids. I didn’t even know where this kindy is located until a few weeks back. I only know that it’s near the daycare and hence, I don’t have to worry about transporting Rye Li as Aunty Ng can arrange that.

I initially wanted to start Rye Li in kindy this year but Aunty Ng said that it is not necessary since they do teach her the basic stuff at the daycare. In fact, I didn’t realize that Rye Li has homework done at the daycare until towards the end of last year when I was given a thick file of all Rye Li’s work for the year! LOL!

Rye Li learnt her ABCs, 123s, some basic reading through flashcards, writing, maths, drawing, colouring, painting, etc all at the daycare. This mom of hers is plain too lazy to teach her this. Earlier this year, out of the blue, I just tested her with “1+1?” and not expecting much from her, she immediately replied “2”. Surprised, I continued with “1+2?” and she replied “3”….so I thought she remembers them in sequence so I randomly pick any number and went “1+8?” and she replied “9” and so on.

Anyway, Rye Li will be starting kindy next month and she will be at kindy for 2 years before she starts wearing the dark blue pinafore. Since her birthday falls on 31st December, the moment she turns 6 years old, she would start standard 1. And she will definitely be the baby of the class.

And this is also a new chapter for me…can’t believe my baby has grown so big (I don’t even want to think of the day when she leaves my nest for good!) [also, I cannot believe how expensive schooling can be! sigh!]

Friday, December 04, 2009

Being rude

Recently, I have been told off quite often by mummy and papa for being very rude especially when we’re out of the house.

Just last weekend when we were having lunch at a restaurant, I saw this really fat person walking past the restaurant and I went “Haha, that uncle so fat!” and I laughed away. Immediately, papa and mummy said that was rude and I should not say such things.

And yesterday morning when we were in the lift of our place to go to Aunty Ng’s, there was this uncle in the lift when we entered and I went “Eeeya, this uncle (looks) so scary!”. Immediately, I was told off again by papa and mummy.

Mummy said I need to build up my social etiquette if I want to go out often.