Friday, December 04, 2009

Being rude

Recently, I have been told off quite often by mummy and papa for being very rude especially when we’re out of the house.

Just last weekend when we were having lunch at a restaurant, I saw this really fat person walking past the restaurant and I went “Haha, that uncle so fat!” and I laughed away. Immediately, papa and mummy said that was rude and I should not say such things.

And yesterday morning when we were in the lift of our place to go to Aunty Ng’s, there was this uncle in the lift when we entered and I went “Eeeya, this uncle (looks) so scary!”. Immediately, I was told off again by papa and mummy.

Mummy said I need to build up my social etiquette if I want to go out often.


KittyCat said...

Same problem here! He's especially rude to Grandma (who's responsible for spoiling him, NOT in a good way) because he'll yell, "Add my water! Help me do this!"

Maybe I'm yelling at him too much also but I will stare at him and say, "Please don't shout."

I can't wait for normality to regain itself at home :P things are going out of control!

twin said...

darien also does that. he'd say this man so fat .. in front of him. i told him off and he didn't repeat again for quite awhile but yesterday he did it again. *faint*
But for jie jie .. she's good she know these things can't be said in public.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Did the uncle in the lift hear what she said hahaha? My 2 older gals were just like that when they were R's age and I told them off too. Up until now, they still say such things once in a while and I have to keep reminding them to watch what they say!

Zara's Mama said...

But I think ppl will understand.. b'cos they are still young. no?