Wednesday, December 28, 2005

more aches and food

Doc says I’m 6 pounds already, much to mummy’s surprise and then he shocked her further by saying that I should be 7 pounds when I come out full term. Is this a lot? I hear mummy has been complaining how heavy she is with her back aches and leg aches…she must be really fat now. But that doesn’t stop her from eating also, according to papa that is. I heard him saying that mummy complaints about being fat a lot and yet she still eats.

I get all the delicious nutrients from her eating… it was the Christmas weekend I hear and boy was there a lot of food coming my way. Yum yum…the best was on Christmas day where there was a lot of variety I had.

Mummy is really moving a lot in her sleep at night. She says she cant sleep properly now coz of all the aches she’s having. So when she moves, I also move. She’s been telling me to face down and towards her back when I’m ready to come out. How do I know whether I’m ready or not to come out?! She says it’s another 3 weeks or so more and yet I hear her saying it can also be anytime now. Hmmm… oh well, we are seeing the doc quite frequently now and since mummy has been having her cramps everyday, she’s thinking of going to see the doc earlier than scheduled. I don’t like the doc visits coz I get pressed down on a lot especially when I’m trying to have a good slumber rest. I think mummy and papa enjoys it coz I can hear how excited they are when they see me…how do they see me when I cannot see them? Hmmm…

On Christmas eve night, mummy had a scare in the middle of her sleep. She said she woke up with a sharp tummy pain that feels like a tummy ache cum period cramps. She thought that she was in labour but didn’t feel any contractions. So she couldn’t sleep after that coz of the pain, number 1 and then the thought that she hasn’t packed her hospital bag yet. In that afternoon, she started packing it seems but it’s not quite fully packed yet. And the next day, she did my laundry. She must be panicking coz she’s moving about a lot. Wonder if I will be as panicky as her or not when I grow up.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

my first car

Papa’s gotten me a car already it seems! He keeps saying it… and I cannot wait to see it. Mummy’s not too happy with the colour though but heard her saying it’s way better than the other colour, which is bright red. She’s just lazy to wash it often since it can easily be dirtied. Papa was testing it when he got home from the shop and now he has a habit of looking at other ppl’s cars when he goes out, comparing I guess or to justify the amount he has just spent! My car is now in front of the fish tank and papa said he can put me there to look at the fishes when I’m ready for the car. Wonder what he means that he is the one driving it, why I cannot drive it?!

Heard both of them saying that they’re spending a lot on me this month and mummy added that it will be more next month when I come out. Well, the fact that I’ve been stuck in here for the last 8 months and another month or so to go, I think the preparation of my arrival should be well spent! Get ready world for here I come!

Friday, December 09, 2005

baby talk

My mummy is getting paranoid. She thinks just because I was very active lately, I should be active all the time. So when I don't move, she starts to worry. But I do move!!! Infact, I feel it is hard to move with so less of a space lately...where has all my freedom of movement gone to?!!!

I think we're seeing the Doc tomorrow...mummy has been talking about it. With her paranoia, i think she listed down the stuff she wants to ask the doc. Let see if she remembers to ask all of them. hehe...mummy thinks too much that at times she forgets what she actually wanted to ask or do in the first place. hope i got better memory than her when i grow up.

Papa was away yesterday, he went up to Penang again. He always go there it seems. Mummy used to complaint but not anymore coz she gets the whole bed to herself when papa is gone. And also the fact that she doesnt have to listen to his snores at night. I like papa's keeps me entertained at night. But it does get on mummy's nerves now and then when she is trying to sleep. Especially lately since I keep her awake at nights...must be the added weight she keeps complaining about. Wonder what she looks like before the added weight.

Papa came back just now and he was complaining of a headache he got. Thought he would be talking and playing with me tonight but no such luck. He is in bed right now sleeping. Poor papa, must be all the driving he has been doing. He brought back some curtains from Penang that Ah Por sewed. Mummy freaked out coz she thought it was just one colour and not with patterns. Ah Por made 2 for the living room and the other for my room! I like my curtains coz it's really very baby-ish and mummy doesnt mind it since it is meant for the baby room she says. But the other one, she said she wont want it up for chinese new year and papa said then used it now. Mummy won't hear of it coz chinese new year is just next month. Wonder how mummy will get away with it.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

finally my own blog!

Finally mummy has decided to start on my blog after thinking or rather procastinating it for so long….i guess she realised that I’m about to come out to this world soon. And if she doesn’t get it started, she just may never will and of course, she will live to regret it later like always. Hah. That’s my mummy for you.

I’m very active these days, that’s what my mummy thinks anyway. She’s complaining that I should come out earlier although I’m due in 6 weeks time. Heard yesterday she was saying I’m getting heavier. Wonder what that means but I feel my space in here is getting tighter and tighter. I mean, I need my stretching exercise don’t I?

2 nights ago, heard my papa talking to me and I think touching me too. I was moving about while mummy and papa was watching tv I think. Papa was saying why my moving about is so weird…what is so weird about it?!! Like I said, I need my stretching.

Mummy talks to me more than papa and I hear mummy complaints to papa now and then to talk to me but he only say things like “Baby”, “why you make mummy so uncomfortable” and at times in some weird foreign language which I’ve not heard from mummy before. Wonder what is that? but mummy always say speak in chinese so I think that must be it.

Papa likes to play music from his phone…doraemon and some baby gibberish stuff. It used to entertain me but not anymore…I like to sleep to it now. But it sure disturbs me at times. Guess my non-reaction to these made papa play it lesser to me nowadays.