Thursday, December 08, 2005

finally my own blog!

Finally mummy has decided to start on my blog after thinking or rather procastinating it for so long….i guess she realised that I’m about to come out to this world soon. And if she doesn’t get it started, she just may never will and of course, she will live to regret it later like always. Hah. That’s my mummy for you.

I’m very active these days, that’s what my mummy thinks anyway. She’s complaining that I should come out earlier although I’m due in 6 weeks time. Heard yesterday she was saying I’m getting heavier. Wonder what that means but I feel my space in here is getting tighter and tighter. I mean, I need my stretching exercise don’t I?

2 nights ago, heard my papa talking to me and I think touching me too. I was moving about while mummy and papa was watching tv I think. Papa was saying why my moving about is so weird…what is so weird about it?!! Like I said, I need my stretching.

Mummy talks to me more than papa and I hear mummy complaints to papa now and then to talk to me but he only say things like “Baby”, “why you make mummy so uncomfortable” and at times in some weird foreign language which I’ve not heard from mummy before. Wonder what is that? but mummy always say speak in chinese so I think that must be it.

Papa likes to play music from his phone…doraemon and some baby gibberish stuff. It used to entertain me but not anymore…I like to sleep to it now. But it sure disturbs me at times. Guess my non-reaction to these made papa play it lesser to me nowadays.

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