Friday, December 09, 2005

baby talk

My mummy is getting paranoid. She thinks just because I was very active lately, I should be active all the time. So when I don't move, she starts to worry. But I do move!!! Infact, I feel it is hard to move with so less of a space lately...where has all my freedom of movement gone to?!!!

I think we're seeing the Doc tomorrow...mummy has been talking about it. With her paranoia, i think she listed down the stuff she wants to ask the doc. Let see if she remembers to ask all of them. hehe...mummy thinks too much that at times she forgets what she actually wanted to ask or do in the first place. hope i got better memory than her when i grow up.

Papa was away yesterday, he went up to Penang again. He always go there it seems. Mummy used to complaint but not anymore coz she gets the whole bed to herself when papa is gone. And also the fact that she doesnt have to listen to his snores at night. I like papa's keeps me entertained at night. But it does get on mummy's nerves now and then when she is trying to sleep. Especially lately since I keep her awake at nights...must be the added weight she keeps complaining about. Wonder what she looks like before the added weight.

Papa came back just now and he was complaining of a headache he got. Thought he would be talking and playing with me tonight but no such luck. He is in bed right now sleeping. Poor papa, must be all the driving he has been doing. He brought back some curtains from Penang that Ah Por sewed. Mummy freaked out coz she thought it was just one colour and not with patterns. Ah Por made 2 for the living room and the other for my room! I like my curtains coz it's really very baby-ish and mummy doesnt mind it since it is meant for the baby room she says. But the other one, she said she wont want it up for chinese new year and papa said then used it now. Mummy won't hear of it coz chinese new year is just next month. Wonder how mummy will get away with it.

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