Tuesday, December 13, 2005

my first car

Papa’s gotten me a car already it seems! He keeps saying it… and I cannot wait to see it. Mummy’s not too happy with the colour though but heard her saying it’s way better than the other colour, which is bright red. She’s just lazy to wash it often since it can easily be dirtied. Papa was testing it when he got home from the shop and now he has a habit of looking at other ppl’s cars when he goes out, comparing I guess or to justify the amount he has just spent! My car is now in front of the fish tank and papa said he can put me there to look at the fishes when I’m ready for the car. Wonder what he means that he is the one driving it, why I cannot drive it?!

Heard both of them saying that they’re spending a lot on me this month and mummy added that it will be more next month when I come out. Well, the fact that I’ve been stuck in here for the last 8 months and another month or so to go, I think the preparation of my arrival should be well spent! Get ready world for here I come!

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