Thursday, August 31, 2006

Music class

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I just started this music class which got me puzzled. I didn't think it was a music class, I thought I was more at a play group coz there were many other babies around me as well as some aunties and uncles. I didnt really bother about them much, I was more interested in the balls that were being rolled around and also other things later like dolls and colourful scarves.

And every activities we do, for sure there will be a song which was quite entertaining. Only Mummy was with me in the class coz only one parent get to be in it so poor Papa had to wander outside by himself (I think he quite enjoyed it since he didnt want to swap with Mummy when she offered).

So Mummy had to participate in all the activities too and there were some dance ones which Mummy had to carry me and do all those funny steps. I'm wondering who's the class is for now, is it for me or for her. Although Mummy always sings to me at home or in the car, this is one place where I hear other people singing and not her. She felt left out so she told papa that she was determined to learn the lyrics so she can join in with the teacher and the other parents as well....a sense of kiasu-ism?! tsk tsk tsk! Anyway, Mummy told Papa later that lucky he didnt go in coz he would have killed her with all that jumping and moving about. But wouldn't it be good excercise for him?!

I quite like this class coz I get the freedom of moving about (when Mummy doesn't carry me that is) and I like hearing the songs that the teacher sings. Oh and not forgetting that there's so many colourful things to see all around me. I can't wait to walk on my own coz I want to get up to those shelves where all the goodies are.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Quick updates

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Mummy's been so busy that she hasnt the time to update my blog...many things had happened and if she doesn't update these soon, it will all go to forgotten land.

Since the last update, Papa has been back and gone and back again. Ah Kong and Ah Por (paternal grandparents) have gone back to Penang too. I visited them the following week and I was pretty well behaved again for the second time. I kinda saw the bridge and I got proof this time that I did. Mummy was smart enough to take pics when we drove on it but not so smart that she didnt take the main part of it so when she did take it on our way home, I was sleeping! Notice the background of both pictures?!

More pics of my Penang trip below...Papa took me swimming! And I got to meet KR kor kor (big brother) again. He can crawl really fast and he has started to walk too. He's turning one end of this month. His mummy said that I'm his only KL friend, poor chap coz I got 2 Penang friends! Him and Lucas (whom I've not met but still consider as my friend since our Mummies share our baby experiences alot).

Ah Kong cooked me fish porridge while I was there. It tasted different from the ones Aunty Ng cooks at the nursery (and hence the funny look I had while I was eating it). The first time I ate it, I was choking a little coz Mummy gave me the fish bits as well. She didnt realise that Aunty Ng doesnt give me the fish bits. The next day, Papa added some water into the porridge to make it more diluted and he also smashed the fish and this time I ate more than the day before.

The past 3-4 weeks, I have been extra clingy to Mummy. While Ah Kong and Ah Por were here, I didnt want to be with them much and will protest and scream if Mummy is out of sight. This became worst coz I also rejected Papa at times at nights and will scream and cry like nobody's business till Mummy came to my aid.

On top of that, while I was still coughing badly, I tend to wake up in the middle of the night crying and Mummy & Papa pitied me so they let me sleep in between them. It was a big mistake for them coz ever since then, I've been demanding this. I will not sleep through the night like how I did before and will tend to get up if I realise I'm in my cot. This has become a nightmare for Mummy coz she doesnt get much sleep from this as she needs to coax me back to sleep because of my frustrations. Lately, she has given up on putting me in my cot and allowing me to sleep with her. Yeah!

Mummy thinks my clinginess to her has got to do with my teething. And speaking of teeth, she's been complaining that she can see those white bumps for over 2 months already but my teeth refused to erupt. No wonder i can feel some bumps in my mouth. I've been playing with it with my tongue and whenever I do that, Mummy says it looks like I'm eating something. Anyway, Mummy has been looking high and low for some teething biscuits for me but she was disappointed by most of them in the market coz they all contain sugar. Aunty Ng gives me those baby rusks and I just love them so Mummy thinks I should be eating non-sugar ones when I'm not at Aunty Ng's, only that she can't find any non-sugar ones. The closest she got is this teething rusk that is extra hard. I didnt like it initially coz it was tasteless and really hard. Lucky Ah Por was around coz she finished them for me, she found it hard too but she managed to get it soft by dipping it into her coffee like for 10 minutes! When she left for Penang, Mummy had to just throw it away when I dont want it anymore. Then I got to like it coz I managed to figure out that the longer I sucked on it, the softer it becomes and I get to eat the soft bits.

Last week, I had the additional jab that Mummy wants me to have, some pneumococcal thingy and from this visit, I got to know my weight and height details. I'm now 7kgs (have tripled my birth weight already!) and 62 cm in length (still kinda short but dont blame me coz Mummy and Papa arent that tall either).

I've also started crawling but not steadily though. At least I get to move to where I want to but I do give up at times when I find it hard to move fast enough. And I finally can sit up unsupported but I need more practice on both sitting and crawling coz I still look like a wobbly drunk when I crawl. I like standing though when Mummy holds on to me and I will squeal whenever she holds me to stand but I'm not able to stand on my own yet.

I eat 2 times solids a day (fish porridge and baby cereal) at Aunty Ng's and baby cereals only over the weekend. I also have 4-5 times breastmilk and 2 times formula in a day. Mummy said she will start fruits on me next month.

This picture...well what more can I say but Mummy has really itchy hands. She realized that parts of my hair can be tied up and she tested it out. She found it so cute that she just had to take my pics. I've never gotten a hair cut since I was born and she's been waiting for my hair to grow eversince.