Thursday, August 31, 2006

Music class

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I just started this music class which got me puzzled. I didn't think it was a music class, I thought I was more at a play group coz there were many other babies around me as well as some aunties and uncles. I didnt really bother about them much, I was more interested in the balls that were being rolled around and also other things later like dolls and colourful scarves.

And every activities we do, for sure there will be a song which was quite entertaining. Only Mummy was with me in the class coz only one parent get to be in it so poor Papa had to wander outside by himself (I think he quite enjoyed it since he didnt want to swap with Mummy when she offered).

So Mummy had to participate in all the activities too and there were some dance ones which Mummy had to carry me and do all those funny steps. I'm wondering who's the class is for now, is it for me or for her. Although Mummy always sings to me at home or in the car, this is one place where I hear other people singing and not her. She felt left out so she told papa that she was determined to learn the lyrics so she can join in with the teacher and the other parents as well....a sense of kiasu-ism?! tsk tsk tsk! Anyway, Mummy told Papa later that lucky he didnt go in coz he would have killed her with all that jumping and moving about. But wouldn't it be good excercise for him?!

I quite like this class coz I get the freedom of moving about (when Mummy doesn't carry me that is) and I like hearing the songs that the teacher sings. Oh and not forgetting that there's so many colourful things to see all around me. I can't wait to walk on my own coz I want to get up to those shelves where all the goodies are.

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