Sunday, September 03, 2006


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At exactly 8 months, on the night of our beloved country's independence day, I finally stood tall and proud from the railing of my cot. What an achievement eh considering the fact that I only started crawling about 4 weeks back. Mummy, emotional and dramatic as she always is, teared when I pulled myself up to a standing position at my cot. I don't see what the fuss is about but she went on screaming for Papa to get the camera. But heck, I dont mind posing anytime for that camera!

I now confidently sit up on my own anytime, crawl much faster now than before and steadily too but I wish I can crawl as fast as KR kor kor though. And I also can pull myelf up to stand if I get a strong grip of Papa or Mummy or my cot's railings.

More pics of my cheeky self...adorable eh?!!! Sorry, I just cannot help it!


KittyCat said...

Bravo!!! Can imagine how happy & excited you must have felt when she did that =)

My lazy fella still can't get his little butt off the floor!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryeli!! Your Ah Mai here is sooo proud of you for standing up on your own! I love the way you posted for Papa's camera, you are a natural, girl friend! I'm sure you can teach me a few tricks of looking good in front of the camera when I see you in the very near future!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie u are & so adorable. Yes can imagine your mummmy getting all emotional hehe eleanor says hi :-)or rather dahdah

chooee said...

WA WA WA my kailui can finally stand! Tearing up as well T_T