Sunday, September 24, 2006

A tribute to Mimi

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Gizmi (Mimi) passed away early Tuesday morning, 5th September. She has not been feeling and looking well for months, could have started several months after I was born. I don’t really know her well since Mummy doesn’t allow me near her cage but according to Mummy, she’s a mighty fine sugar glider and would have made a good pet for me. She’s really active and fun to play with compared to Gizmo (Momo) and we can’t understand why her health has deteriorated so drastically the past few months. I mean if Momo is looking bad too then Mummy and Papa will know that it’s their fault for neglecting them but Momo is looking healthy and he doesn’t eat much at all.

Mimi, Mummy says she’s really sorry for not being able to play with you like those days before I came into existence. I heard how active and fast you were when Mummy or Papa takes you out from your cage and let you play along our corridor. And that you can jump really far! I’m sorry too that I won’t be able to play with you either. I know we both would have been good pals. I don’t know if Momo will let me play with him at all since he’s not the friendly one.

We all are praying for your happiness in your heaven and we’re sure that you are doing your routine exercises in the wheel up there looking down on us. You will be glad to know that Momo was by your side when Mummy found you motionless that morning. And being his usual shy self, he dashed back to his coconut shell when he saw Mummy but he was looking out for you the whole time from his shell. It will be the hardest for him now that you’re gone. You can be sure that we will take good care of him. May your soul rest in peace!

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