Sunday, December 14, 2008

What a fun-filled week!

I didn’t get to go to Aunty Ng’s last week….yippie! Instead, we went to Cameron Highlands for three nights, then my mei-mei and I had to go see this new doctor for our jabs (which was no fun at all), then we went to Port Dickson for a day for mummy’s cousin’s wedding and then I had a birthday party to attend the next day.

At Camerons, the weather wasn’t good on us. It was raining nearly the whole time we were there. Mummy said I had the most fun as I got to go to my playground everyday while the rest of them (we had aunty pei see and her family plus her parents with us) stayed indoors most of the time. And since it was a holiday for all of us, I get to eat junk food everyday! After having proper food that is.

Most of the photo shots at Camerons were done indoors and we had 2 babies and me to entertain the adults.

no, this isn't my mei-mei but my friend, kai jin

here's the three of us...see how little my mei-mei is although she has grown a fair bit

with kai jin's papa, uncle ronnie! he was my entertainer there

at the tea farm, my hair flying from the strong winds

our first family shot since mei-mei was born

with papa, he took me to go see the tea leaves nearer

After Camerons, I had to see this new doctor which I quite like to take my jab. Mummy had told me earlier that I need this jab but I always said “I don’t want” but as usual, she didn’t listen to me and went ahead anyway. I was alright with the new place since they have this little playground for me to play around while we wait. And I was also alright when the new doctor checked me till she said she needed to put some medicine in my arm. This was when I started wailing and crying. Papa held me down and then it was mei-mei’s turn. She also cried and I told her “Mei-mei, don’t cry, doctor only put injection, pain for a while only!”

The next day, we all had to attend Uncle Ivan’s (mummy’s cousin) wedding at Port Dickson. It was a really nice wedding because I got to play sand the whole time we were there! We didn’t stay the night though but I got to have my bath at Grandpa’s room. Mei-mei and I slept throughout the car ride home.

my ms. grumps face at grandpa's room

with my handsome prince, papa (mummy will tell you the story another time why he's my handsome prince)

all of us waiting for the bride to come to exchange vows with the groom

and while they were exchanging vows, I got busy playing sand

and i was busy playing sand throughout the night

The next morning, we attended our neighbour’s son’s first birthday party by our condo’s pool.

How I wish I don’t have to go to aunty Ng’s every week!

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