Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Sorry for the late post, been busy playing with my Christmas toys and watching my cartoons. I had loads of fun with my presents, hope your Christmas was a splendid one too.

our xmas tree - more gifts under the tree compared to last year's

with my mei-mei

taken at the curve, i'm into disney princesses lately

The below were taken a few weeks ago at my friend's, Shawn, place. His mom made this ginger bread house for us to eat (wreck).


Below is me singing with my Christmas present from my uncle Chun Son and Shasha (mummy's brother). I'm terrified of him but I like this present very much since I'm such a vainpot now.

Below is where mummy thinks I look like a rocker (to be specific, like jon bon jovi). :D

I've been using this mike alot think I can be an idol in the making?!


may said...

Rye Li is so pretty with her hair down.. :)..

Merry X'mas and Happy 2009 to U!

Kong Kong said...

Rye Li, Happy birthday to you. You are as beautiful as your mom.

Liv said...

Hehe! Definitely an Idol. But careful, Simon is not, you two might clash ;-)

KittyCat said...

You're quite a singer, Rye Li! Watch out, American Idol LOL

zara's mama said...

She's looking so lovely.

Btw, congratulations on your 2nd daugther.

Hee hee.. you can also set up a site called mytwogirls.