Wednesday, August 29, 2007


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I can be really demanding these days, saying out loudly and clearly what I want.

When both Mummy and Papa pick me up from the nursery (usually it’s either one), I know that we’re going out for dinner and I will say “I wan go Gian” (Giant, the hypermarket nearby where we usually have dinner when it is raining).

When I’m told that we’re not heading to Giant, I will say “I wan, I wan go gian” and will repeat this. I will also add along the way “I wan chor-chor (sit) tolley (trolley)”

If there’s no positive response from them, I will say “I wan chee (see) wor-wor (dog)” There’s a pet shop next to this outdoor food court that we usually frequent for dinner as well. And I will keep saying this even while we’re having dinner.

And I do not like to wear new clothes that I’m not familiar with unless it’s bright in colours or have interesting designs. I will keep saying “don wan” and I will protest by kicking and screaming if I’m forced to wear them.

The other evening, when Mummy was chatting to Aunty Ng (my caretaker) for so long, I got bored and really wanted to leave since I saw Papa went into the car so I just went “buhbye arn-tee ang!” (Bye-bye Aunty Ng) and waved at her. This was to indicate to Mummy to stop chatting and that it was time to leave.

And when Mummy talks on the phone when I’m really cranky and in desperate need of her attention, I will say “Mamee, buhbye”, indicating that I want her off the phone.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mummy’s entry – “Oh Chi”

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Lately, whenever Rye Li faces minor accidents like when her toys fall off her hands or if she were to fall down, she will say “Oh chi”. If you can recall from her speech posts, those words that starts with “s”, she will pronounce it as “ch”. For example, our friend’s little boy, Shawn, she will call him “chon”.

So I’m jumping to conclusion here that she is trying to say “Oh Sh*t” and I feel hubby is to be blamed for this (although he will have plenty to say about this). So whenever she says “oh chi”, I will continue to say “Oh dear” or “Oh no” in which she will also follow suit as well.

Hubby didn’t believe me when I told him this (since I spend more time with her I should know!) so when this morning, her ball fell of her hands, she went “oh chi” so loudly that her papa looked at me. He better be careful with his other swearing words which he does so often in the car (he’s that type that everyone in the car will be swore at instead at the other party who’s (driving the other car) at fault. I keep telling him that he should say “oh shoot” or “oh fish” or “mother fishes” or “tiu yee” (Cantonese for fishing) but I doubt that will work. He even looked at me weirdly when I suggested these words. Sigh!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mummy’s entry – coming home today

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Had to coax Rye Li again in following me home when I went to pick her up from the nursery just now. She was at the baby’s room and when she was brought outside to me, she passed along the other kids playing with toys and so she was more interested in them. So Ms. Ng bribed her with biscuits, Myvito brand which the biscuit shape is round.

In the car, on the way home, she was eating them one at a time in which when she was done, I would give her another one while I was driving. When we were nearly home, she asked for another one and I gave it to her.

Upon reaching home, I heard her saying “mmmmmmmmmmm” with high and low tone mixed in between. I thought she was just doing one of her gibberish talk in her own language and didn’t bother to turn around and check on her. She went on doing this again. When she did it for the 4th time or so, I turned around to check on her and realized that she was holding on to the biscuit as if she was “driving a car” with the biscuit as her steering wheel. I immediately burst out laughing and she also laughed along. The sounds were her making the engine sounds.

I’ve never taught her those “engine” sounds before nor about using an object as a steering wheel so I’m guessing that she picked this up from the elder kids at the nursery. She really made my day today….she’s getting cheekier by the day and she knows how to make us laugh even when we’re supposed to be angry at her.

Another thing to add while we were home, just her and myself, I had a call from my client in which I spoke to for over an hour. And this girl didn’t pester me at all during that time, she just played along with her toys next to me and when she can, she will sit on my lap. My client thought that she was not around throughout the call. If I’m not on the phone, she will be bugging me for sure with her “Mamee this or Mamee that” or with her endless demands. What surprises me is that she can be quiet when either myself or her papa is on the phone. But when we’re having a conversation, for sure she will interrupt us. Go figure!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mummy’s entry – Taking medicine

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Most of the times, Rye Li will take her medicines willingly including her daily intake of her lactose (she still have problems poo-ing as she doesn’t drink as much water as she should, even juices).

As she was having fever for a few days last week which lead to her flu and cough (throat infection as well), the doctor (a new pediatrician) advised us to give her antibiotics. He suggested a strong one for her with very bitter taste only to be taken 4 times for its whole course. I asked if there was a flavoured one since this girl only takes willingly the sweet stuff and he subscribed both to us; with the bitter one as a last resort should her fever remains the next day. He also subscribed a cough syrup for her.

That night, she willingly took the medicine as well as the next day at the nursery. At least her fever was gone. On Saturday morning, when it was time for her medication again, she refused after taking a little bit but I insisted that she took some more which she did and then she sort of choked on it and the next thing I knew, she vomited everything out, even the cod liver oil before that plus her breakfast.

She was sitting on my lap at that time and just my luck that I was all alone with her (her papa went to service his car at the workshop). So I had to clean her up first and then myself and then the floor she had made a mess on.

Thinking that she didn’t get her dose of antibiotics, I tried it once again but this girl totally refused (probably got scared by the vomiting as this is the first time she vomited this year; she only vomited like less than 5 times last year). So I had no choice but to force her and I paid the price. She vomited all out again and this time with lots of liquid as well all over my whole leg and feet.

After cleaning up everything again, I told her no more medicine for that time as I was scared by her vomiting – and also the fact that she had an empty stomach. So I just fed her some bread.

During lunch time, I told her that I will need to give her the laxative (which I also refer to as medicine) and bribed her that after that, I will give her the cold medicine (for flu which was subscribed by her usual pediatrician which she loves) and she was alright with these 2. I was thinking of saving the antibiotics and the cough syrup (which she also refused to take) when her papa comes back (at least I will get some aid then).

Later that evening, we tried bribing her to take her antibiotics with playing her lantern but it didn’t work. After coaxing for like 10 minutes, bribing her with whatever we can think of, I finally gave up and told her that if she doesn’t want this medicine, she has to take 2 teaspoon of her cods liver oil (orange flavoured) and she agreed.

I am wondering how do we force a baby or a child to take medication when they puke it out so easily as well? And if they do, does this mean we have to start the whole course again on the antibiotics?

I didn’t bother trying to give her the antibiotics and the cough syrup on Sunday, just her cods liver oil and the cold medicine.

On Monday, I told Ms. Ng (her caretaker at the nursery) that I couldn’t get her to take those medications and see if they can be successful. If not, just the cold medicine will do. Guess what?! This girl took them willingly so I told Ms. Ng that I will leave them there for her to finish the whole course. This girl likes to bully her parents alright!

My first encounter with lanterns

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I didn’t like it. Well, I did initially when we bought one.

When we were at the store, mummy asked me to choose one. She went through the rabbit, butterfly, chicken, dear, dragon and duck but I answered “don wan” to all of them. I only said “em” (means ok) to the fish designs. And in the end, I chose one.

Over the weekend, mummy and papa took me to our condo’s garden to play the lantern. I guess I’m not familiar with the concept that I said “don wan” when mummy asked whether I want to play the lantern or not. I was only interested in the box of candles.

Even when papa lighted up the candle in the lantern, I was not keen at all and refused to hold on to the stick of the lantern. So it was mummy that carried the lantern around and then she finally gave up and left the lantern on the floor and sat with us on the bench. In the end, three of us were sitting there looking at the fire on the candle in the lantern till the wind blew the fire away.

Mummy thinks that I will be accustom to this if there are other kids playing with me. We shall just see…at the moment, my lantern is just hanging pretty by the fish tank. Perhaps I may just like the modern lanterns, the battery operated ones with music?!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

LA - here I come!

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It’s official, we have gotten our Visas (although tickets not booked yet).

It wasn’t easy getting my photos done; I wasn’t as blur as I was last year when my photos were taken for my passport. Over the weekend, I refused to sit on my own to let the cameraman take my picture. And even when mummy offered that she will sit with me, I still refused. So in the end, the cameraman did a touchup of a picture mummy took the day before at the park on her camera.

As you can see, it kinda looks fake (note the highlights on my hair from the sunshine) so papa took my picture from our camera while mummy carried me and then the cameraman did the touchup again. At least this one looks more convincing.

And this is my US visa picture.

Ah Mai and Uncle Jason, we will be seeing you real soon! Don’t worry about where you guys will be taking us around there, as long as I get to see my “bear-bear” (Pooh bear) and “moss” (Minnie and Mickey Mouse). :D

If you want to know how the application process went, you can read mummy’s version by clicking here. No, I didn’t go to the embassy as I didn’t need to. Phew!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ms. Little Parrot and Stubborn

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I'm a little parrot these days, repeating words that are told to me by mummy or papa. Most times I pronounced the words correctly but at times you have to roughly make out what I'm trying to say. It can be annoying at times but I'd rather believe that I'm more cute than annoying! ;)
On other matters, Papa is becoming more like mummy at times, that is, he will also punish and nag me when I become naughty. Last night, while mummy was having her shower, I was playing with mummy's stuff by the bed even after papa nagged me many times not to touch them. He warned me one last time but I just ignored him and the next thing I knew, he came over and lifted me up and put me to sit down by the wall.
I was so surprised and mad by his actions that I refused to look at him nor talk to him. I just entertained myself with a little toy I had in my hand. I knew papa was looking at me but I refused to look up. This went on for like 10 minutes till mummy finished her shower and came out. She saw me sitting down on my own quietly and asked why was I sitting there.
Papa told her what happened and she asked me why was I naughty. When she walked away, I called out to her refusing to acknowledge papa. Then she asked me to say "sorry" and I lifted my hands up on my head (my actions for sorry) and she asked me to say the word "sorry" which I know how to but I totally refused and sulking away at mummy and papa.
Think papa felt sorry and opened his arms and asked me to go over to him. I quickly got up and went to him and he hugged me. And I quickly changed topic by becoming my usual cheeky self and started chatting and playing away.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Random Photos updates

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It's been awhile that any pictures were here are some for you to view.

This is me and the little baby, Jiang Jun, during class at Kindermusik in my last semester in the baby class. I always call out "baby" whenever I see him. Too bad I don't see him anymore.

This is me feeding myself. I'm allowed to eat on my own at home since a couple of months back as I was already taught to eat on my own at Aunty Ng's nursery. You like my Elmo bib?!

This was taken at the park, we went back there several weeks back.

Shawn and I with my Kai Yeh (Godfather) at his house. We love going there just to play on his pool table, our playground!

While we were at Kai Yeh's place, baby Keith joined us on our playground as well. I didn't make him cry, I was trying to be friendly. Notice how big he is...he's only slightly lighter than I am and he's only 7 months plus.

This is how I keep myself occupied during meal times (when I'm fed that is or when Papa and Mummy are having their meals)

A drawing of me and mummy by my cousin sister, Ro Wyn. She loves to draw.

Mummy and I with teacher Cheryl at my music class. We got to know that day that it was the last time she will be teaching me.

Below are pictures from Grandma's and Mummy's birthday dinner early last month (yes, they share the same birthday).

Here with my cousins, Ro Wyn and Jo Tien as well as our family friend, Sarah

With Grandpa and Grandma

Sarah and her brothers, Lewis and Adam. Mummy used to babysit Lewis and Adam when they were babies. She had Lewis all to herself when Lewis was just a few days old for several days as his grandmother had just passed away shortly after he was born nearly 16 years ago! She cannot believe how big they have grown (don't you think they look like they were from Beatles' era?!)

Grandma and mummy cutting their birthday cake

With mummy, her sister, my Ai Yee and her brother, Uncle C.S (I know that I should call him Kau Fu but he rather I call him Sonny than that term!). Ai Yee is trying to show off their trademark from Grandpa, the infamous chin!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rye Li – 1, Mummy – 0 incidents

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Some time back, mummy wanted to go to the convenient store at our condo to buy some stuff. So she took me along and I wanted to be carried. She managed to convince me to walk on my own by telling me nicely (more like threatening to me) that if I do not walk on my own I will be sent back to Papa at home. A week after that, same thing again. But this time I got smarter, I took my own sweet time to walk. In fact, I didn’t walk; I just stood still and wouldn’t budge even after mummy telling me numerous times. This went on for a while, and mummy gave up persuading me and finally carried me. ;)

Last week, after my shower, mummy wanted me to wear this hand-me-down Elmo dress which I’ve been refusing to wear, even at the nursery. Mummy received a note from the nursery “Mum, Rye Li does not want to wear this dress” that week and she decided to give it a go with me again since she managed to force me to wear it a few weeks back.

I was protesting “don wan eh-mo (Elmo), don wan” and mummy was saying “ok, if you don’t want to wear this dress, mummy will go over to Jasmine mei-mei’s house (my neighbour who’s 4 months younger than I am) and give her this dress” and I replied “don wan”. And mummy said “if Rye Li don’t want to wear than who’s going to wear? Might as well give to Jasmine mei-mei. If not, then Rye Li wear ok?” and I said “em” and wore the dress that day.

Today, I got smarter when mummy tried the same trick. I again refused to wear it and kept saying “don wan eh-mo (Elmo), don wan” and when mummy said that she will give it to Jasmine mei-mei, I said “em”. Mummy didn’t believe this and even said “ok, I’m going over now and give Jasmine mei-mei this dress ok?” and I nodded yes and said “em”.

Tying my hair

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This post is dedicated to Belle’s mummy as she has mentioned not once but a few times a while back to how I allow mummy to tie my hair with pretty clips and all.

It was easy at the beginning as I wasn’t smart enough yet to realize that my hair was clipped up. Mummy always managed to distract me when she clips up my fringe. I only get to realize when I touched my head and felt the clip there. Of course, I will pull it out and mummy will somehow manage to put it there again without me knowing.

Then I got smarter and will detest whenever mummy wants to put the clip there or tie my hair. But mummy never gave up and will even tie my hair up while I’m crying.

Eventually, she made it a fun thing as she puts all my clips and rubber bands into a plastic bottle and when it is time to tie my hair, I get to take everything out from the bottle and play with them while mummy does her thing on my hair. This became a habit and whenever mummy says “ok, time to tie your hair”, I will go get the bottle and sit down for her.

Just now, after she tied my hair and all, I refused to let her put back all the rubber bands and clips into the bottle. So she said “alright, you can stay here and play and when you’re done, please put them back into the bottle and put it back on the shelf ok?” and I replied “em” (meaning ok).

Mummy left me there in my room alone and after like 5 minutes or so, I came out to her at the living room. She went “you kept your hair clips already?” and I went “em”. Guessed she didn’t believe me coz she walked to my room and I followed her and she went “wah, such a good girl you are, put back all on the shelf some more. Mummy’s so proud of you” and she gave me a big kiss.

Another thing to add, I’ve become a vain pot as well (since the other girls at the nursery are always tying there hair too so I also want a share of the attention and hence I allow the aunties there to tie my hair).

Mummy’s entry – Music class

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This is not a sponsored post.

Rye Li has been attending Kindermusik® since she was 8 months old. I was a little bit skeptical initially on this as I felt like I was being a total kiasu (hokkien: scared to lose) parent.

I got to know about this classes when Rye Li was over a month old by my cousin whom at that time her 2 year old was (and still is) attending the classes. She told me that they also take infants as young as 1 month old.

I actually went to ask on the classes and I asked them how do they teach such young babies when they are asleep most of the time. They said that they can and that sleeping babies also absorb the surroundings around them. I proceeded to ask how old was the youngest then in the class I was interested in and they said 10 months old. So I told them that I will come back again when Rye Li is above 6 months old.

When Rye Li was nearly 8 months old, I enrolled her in the Village class for infants till 18 months old. I thought I would just give it a go and see how well this girl will like it.

She was alright when we started the class. Of course, she had her moods too now and then and will get cranky especially if she is sleepy or hungry.

There is 8 classes in one semester and the classes is once a week for 45 minutes each session.

After her first semester, I was asking myself do I still want to go for another semester? Mind you, these classes don’t come cheap, RM340 including materials for each semester. But I did and while I always had these questions running through my mind like “is it really beneficial to rye li?”, “am I being too kiasu?”, “can I really afford this in the long run?”, “is the girl really enjoying herself?”, etc, I always ended up enrolling her for another semester when the current one ends. Of course, it didn’t also help when her teacher said usually when the kids are at least 2 years old, we will see the effect of these classes on them (I know, I know, I feel like such a sucker too!)

Anyway, I’m glad to report that I didn’t have to wait till she is 2 years old to see the effect. In her third semester already, I could see her reacting to her music and that she knows what actions come along with some of the music. And also, she was participating in class from 3rd semester onwards when she’s in the mood most of the time. Her progress was pretty impressive that when it came to the 5th semester, I was contemplating to move her to the next stage, Our Time for 18 months old to 3 years old since she will turn 18 months by the end of that semester.

However, she was very cranky most of the times during the classes. Two of the classes, it was so bad that I ran out of patience and took her out of the class when she was throwing her tantrums. One of them, I refused to go back in and left (looks like I was the one with the tantrum eh?!) and the other one, I just passed her to her papa to handle her. And while I went to the toilet, her papa took her back in to class and she was better behaved. So from that day, I told him that he will take her into class the following weeks (he’s also the more patient one compared to us two). Well, it lasted for only a class (and she behaved alright) as after that, her papa didn’t want to go in.

When it came to the end of that semester, I consulted with her teacher whom I got to know then that she was resigning whether Rye Li should move on to the next stage or remain for another semester in the baby class. She said that I could give it a go and see how Rye Li adapts in a trial class as she said some babies will automatically adapt well while some won’t with older kids.

The following week, I went for the trial class with a new teacher and this girl was more interested in the elder kids and the adults than the contents of the class. She was of course the youngest while the rest of the kids were over 2 years olds. I, on the other hand were impressed with how most of the other kids were participating very well in class. Rye Li only participated perhaps 30% that day and I was anticipating that the new teacher will say that perhaps Rye Li should remain another semester in the baby class. But she didn’t, instead she said she noticed how independent Rye Li was and that she didn’t allow the elder kids to bully her. She added that Rye Li is the in between stage of the baby class and the toddler class so she suggested instead of going back to Village, I might as well stay on and let Rye Li get used to Our Time’s class. So, I enrolled her in this (it’s slightly cheaper than Village) and will start in 2 weeks time (after our Penang trip).

When we went for this class after 2 weeks, the new teacher was not around, instead the owner (who has taught Rye Li on several occasions before) and another trainee replaced her for that day. This girl, upon seeing the trainee (which I’ve to admit looks elderly compared to the other teachers called her “arn tee” (aunty). She knows how to say “tee-chur” but I was laughing inside when she called out “arn tee” instead but of course, I corrected her. ;)

How the girl participated in class that day? Well, I’ve to proudly admit that she participated about 80% with a little stubbornness and crankiness in between (there were times when the trainee asked her to do some stuff, she replied “don wan”). Even the trainee was impressed with her and the owner was impressed with her speech. She said that Rye Li is picking up on a lot of words and I replied that she hangs out a lot with elder kids at the nursery and she said she’d rather believe that it has got to with Kindermuzik since Rye Li started as a baby. She said she noticed how kids started younger speaks better like her daughter so I just added that Rye Li’s speech probably has got to do with both (must give her some credit too-lar).

Anyway, I have to admit the programs of Kindermuzik are good but I don’t quite like the management’s attitude with their policy and this is also one of the reasons why I was contemplating whether I should continue or not.

You see, one of their rulings is that only one parent and a child is allowed in the room at any one time (no other siblings even). I am alright by this but I noticed double standards many times when I see both parents (not walk-in trial ones as trial ones allow both parents to be in) and also other siblings in class before. There was one time, a parent wanted her mom to sit in and observe her baby but she was chased out (I actually felt bad cause she was pretty elderly and to be chased out like that on her own some more – I think the parent has stopped attending class already).

In Rye Li’s 5th semester, there was an elder sibling of a baby who also sits in the class and Rye Li always get distracted by her in the corner (as she will be doing her colouring book, etc) so Rye Li will join her there instead of participating in class. This got on my nerves as whenever I pull Rye Li back to participate, she will fight back with me (which caused her few tantrums that led to my frustrations as well). I know I should have voiced out my displeasure with the management on this but I also felt bad that I will have to chase that girl out of the class so I suffered in silence (well, I complaint to hubby all the time on this).

And then I got to know that I can only do replacement class within a week instead of replacing them anytime. I was totally pissed with this fact because whenever I wanted to replace a class for Rye Li over the weekends, I am declined of this due to a full class and was asked to replace it during the week. How can I possibly take leave all the time to do replacements?

And their policy is to also have a medical certification should your child fall ill if you want a replacement class. This I find is totally ridiculous as we all know that when your child has a fever, you don’t immediately take him or her to the doctor’s unless it is a very high fever. Usually, your child will be monitored with fever medication and if the fever does not go away after a day or so, then only you will take your child to the doctor’s. Geez!

They should be flexible in replacements, I mean one week is totally not fair for the parents and it is not the parents fault when there isn’t a class available over the weekends. They should allow replacements at least within a month.

Lately, another thing I got to know is that the kids are not allowed to bounce on the balls in class anymore since there were a few bursting in class incidents and the management feels that it is expensive to replace these balls which costs RM35 each. If you asked me, the fact that the kids were introduced this in the first place means it is part of the program. And if balls are bursting means the quality should be looked at and thus, the kids should not be penalized of this. I know the bouncing act on balls is one of Rye Li’s favourite in which was why I got the ball for her in the first place when she just started the class. The reason of it being expensive to replace them should not be the Management’s reason at all and I found it so lame of them to say this.

And yesterday, they didn’t use the balls in class at all as the teacher said there are not enough to go around and she wouldn’t want the kids to fight over them. Again, I was fuming as it shows the management didn’t want to replace the balls…anyway, I will give them the benefit of the doubt, and will see in the next few weeks whether if this is the case or not.

Due to these, I am still contemplating whether to continue or not…, I will stay on for another semester (till my patience run out) as Rye Li does enjoy the classes a lot and she looks forward to attending the classes every week. Anyone can recommend another good children’s program? I am thinking of Gymboree as a replacement but don’t know of anyone who has attended that before for feedbacks. I know Sichida (I think) is a good program but not only it is very expensive, it is also located in the heart of town and there is no way I want to go to town over the weekends. I am looking more on the social and play parts for Rye Li, yea the fun stuff, not so much the academic parts as I feel once she attends Chinese school later, she will be tortured enough then. Haha (sorry for the stereotyping).

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Physical and other updates

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I was at my doc’s 2 weeks ago for my booster jab, good news is that I don’t have to see him till I’m 2 years old! Phew!

The usual thing to do when I got there was to take my weight and height measurements by the nurse. This is the first time I cried while taking my measurements. When mummy put me on the weighing machine, I started crying. And when it was done, she carried me to the other side to take my height measurement but I refused to let go, clinging on to her so tightly like a baby monkey. She had to practically force me away while I was screaming my head off.

Anyway, my weight was 9.4kgs (nearly 21 pounds) and my height was 74cm. Still petite eh?!

And as usual, when my turn came…the moment I entered the room and had a look at my doctor, I started crying till I left the room after like 10 minutes. My cries got louder when my doctor started checking on me. In between, I was sobbing “Don want” while shaking my head and also “ma-mee” but they didn’t work. Mummy and Papa was trying to calm me down but it didn’t work coz the doctor was still checking on me. When it was time for the jab, I knew coz I felt my doctor’s touch on my waist and I screamed louder and then I felt that sharp pain. I continued crying after that and subsided a little when I was asked to say bye-bye to my doctor. I just looked at him and gave him a miserable wave and we were out of there.

I later complaint to mummy “pain-pain” while touching the area where I had the jab and also while having my shower.

On my teeth updates, my molars on my left side (both upper and lower) have finally cut through which means I can eat more of mummy’s and papa’s food which I’m demanding more off these days. But when you look at me when I smile, you will still see a set of six teeth, 4 at the top and 2 at the bottom.

As for my speech, I’m learning how to relate objects to the owners. For example, when I see mummy’s car, I will go “ma-mee tar (car)” and then I will go “rai-yee (rye li) tar”. Or I will say "ma-mee choo (shoe) and then i will go "rai-yee choo".

And these days whenever I see things I want, I will go “I want dis (this)” and I will keep repeating this until I get them in my hands. And if I’m not heard I will go “PAPA, I WANT DIS”.

A few nights ago, when it was bed time, I was on mummy’s and papa’s bed playing refusing to fall asleep while mummy was watching tv. I guess I got on mummy’s nerves as she switched the tv off and said “ok, everybody oi-oi (sleep)”. And I went “yea, oi-oi, yea, oi-oi, oi-oi, oi-oi” while I laid down in between mummy and papa. And mummy went “Rye Li, this is mummy’s and papa’s bed. Mummy and papa oi-oi here, Rye Li oi-oi in your cot-cot ok?”. I replied “em” (meaning ok) and mummy carried me over to my cot while saying “night-night Rye Li” and I replied “nait-nait ma-mee papa, papa mamee, nait-nait” and then I asked mummy to “pat-pat” while putting my hands on my back to indicate where I want to be patted to sleep.

And I know how to sing songs now to twinkle, twinkle little stars, old macdonald’s, row row row your boat, baa baa black sheep and few other songs to my music class’ CDs. Mummy is surprised that I can sing along with her and she’s assuming that I picked this up from the singing I get at the nursery. When mummy gets to capture this on video, I will post this up yea. Actually, I have an old macdonald’s video a few months back but it is too huge to be put up on youtube, so wait till mummy finds another alternative to put this up.