Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mummy’s entry – “Oh Chi”

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Lately, whenever Rye Li faces minor accidents like when her toys fall off her hands or if she were to fall down, she will say “Oh chi”. If you can recall from her speech posts, those words that starts with “s”, she will pronounce it as “ch”. For example, our friend’s little boy, Shawn, she will call him “chon”.

So I’m jumping to conclusion here that she is trying to say “Oh Sh*t” and I feel hubby is to be blamed for this (although he will have plenty to say about this). So whenever she says “oh chi”, I will continue to say “Oh dear” or “Oh no” in which she will also follow suit as well.

Hubby didn’t believe me when I told him this (since I spend more time with her I should know!) so when this morning, her ball fell of her hands, she went “oh chi” so loudly that her papa looked at me. He better be careful with his other swearing words which he does so often in the car (he’s that type that everyone in the car will be swore at instead at the other party who’s (driving the other car) at fault. I keep telling him that he should say “oh shoot” or “oh fish” or “mother fishes” or “tiu yee” (Cantonese for fishing) but I doubt that will work. He even looked at me weirdly when I suggested these words. Sigh!


Vien said...

Oh no! You hub really need to watch what he is saying. We now use a lot of baby language. We like to use, Uh-oh. Belle picked that up easily.

mommy of 2 angels said...

ya they are a total reflection of US!!!

KittyCat said...

LOL keep it up - I think you'll succeed with "Oh dear". "Tiu yee" doesn't have the oomph for those driving moments, that's probably why it isn't in the 4-letter category!

ryeli said...

vien - yea he does. old habits are hard to die but he really need 2 be extra cautious now. i still say words i'm not supposed to at times but i will quickly cover up with nicer words after that whn i realised wht i've said. hah!

mommy of 2 angels - yea they are which is scary coz sometimes we are not very good 'leaders' too.
so have 2 constantly remind ourselves to behave infront of our kids. ;)

kittycat - hopefully the "oh chi" dont stay for good. but i worry she will pick up other words.