Sunday, August 12, 2007

Random Photos updates

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It's been awhile that any pictures were here are some for you to view.

This is me and the little baby, Jiang Jun, during class at Kindermusik in my last semester in the baby class. I always call out "baby" whenever I see him. Too bad I don't see him anymore.

This is me feeding myself. I'm allowed to eat on my own at home since a couple of months back as I was already taught to eat on my own at Aunty Ng's nursery. You like my Elmo bib?!

This was taken at the park, we went back there several weeks back.

Shawn and I with my Kai Yeh (Godfather) at his house. We love going there just to play on his pool table, our playground!

While we were at Kai Yeh's place, baby Keith joined us on our playground as well. I didn't make him cry, I was trying to be friendly. Notice how big he is...he's only slightly lighter than I am and he's only 7 months plus.

This is how I keep myself occupied during meal times (when I'm fed that is or when Papa and Mummy are having their meals)

A drawing of me and mummy by my cousin sister, Ro Wyn. She loves to draw.

Mummy and I with teacher Cheryl at my music class. We got to know that day that it was the last time she will be teaching me.

Below are pictures from Grandma's and Mummy's birthday dinner early last month (yes, they share the same birthday).

Here with my cousins, Ro Wyn and Jo Tien as well as our family friend, Sarah

With Grandpa and Grandma

Sarah and her brothers, Lewis and Adam. Mummy used to babysit Lewis and Adam when they were babies. She had Lewis all to herself when Lewis was just a few days old for several days as his grandmother had just passed away shortly after he was born nearly 16 years ago! She cannot believe how big they have grown (don't you think they look like they were from Beatles' era?!)

Grandma and mummy cutting their birthday cake

With mummy, her sister, my Ai Yee and her brother, Uncle C.S (I know that I should call him Kau Fu but he rather I call him Sonny than that term!). Ai Yee is trying to show off their trademark from Grandpa, the infamous chin!


mommy of 2 angels said...

she brightens up every single pic!!

KittyCat said...

Happy belated birthday! Wow...I see now where you got your mothering skills from - you had training ;-)