Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mummy’s entry – Taking medicine

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Most of the times, Rye Li will take her medicines willingly including her daily intake of her lactose (she still have problems poo-ing as she doesn’t drink as much water as she should, even juices).

As she was having fever for a few days last week which lead to her flu and cough (throat infection as well), the doctor (a new pediatrician) advised us to give her antibiotics. He suggested a strong one for her with very bitter taste only to be taken 4 times for its whole course. I asked if there was a flavoured one since this girl only takes willingly the sweet stuff and he subscribed both to us; with the bitter one as a last resort should her fever remains the next day. He also subscribed a cough syrup for her.

That night, she willingly took the medicine as well as the next day at the nursery. At least her fever was gone. On Saturday morning, when it was time for her medication again, she refused after taking a little bit but I insisted that she took some more which she did and then she sort of choked on it and the next thing I knew, she vomited everything out, even the cod liver oil before that plus her breakfast.

She was sitting on my lap at that time and just my luck that I was all alone with her (her papa went to service his car at the workshop). So I had to clean her up first and then myself and then the floor she had made a mess on.

Thinking that she didn’t get her dose of antibiotics, I tried it once again but this girl totally refused (probably got scared by the vomiting as this is the first time she vomited this year; she only vomited like less than 5 times last year). So I had no choice but to force her and I paid the price. She vomited all out again and this time with lots of liquid as well all over my whole leg and feet.

After cleaning up everything again, I told her no more medicine for that time as I was scared by her vomiting – and also the fact that she had an empty stomach. So I just fed her some bread.

During lunch time, I told her that I will need to give her the laxative (which I also refer to as medicine) and bribed her that after that, I will give her the cold medicine (for flu which was subscribed by her usual pediatrician which she loves) and she was alright with these 2. I was thinking of saving the antibiotics and the cough syrup (which she also refused to take) when her papa comes back (at least I will get some aid then).

Later that evening, we tried bribing her to take her antibiotics with playing her lantern but it didn’t work. After coaxing for like 10 minutes, bribing her with whatever we can think of, I finally gave up and told her that if she doesn’t want this medicine, she has to take 2 teaspoon of her cods liver oil (orange flavoured) and she agreed.

I am wondering how do we force a baby or a child to take medication when they puke it out so easily as well? And if they do, does this mean we have to start the whole course again on the antibiotics?

I didn’t bother trying to give her the antibiotics and the cough syrup on Sunday, just her cods liver oil and the cold medicine.

On Monday, I told Ms. Ng (her caretaker at the nursery) that I couldn’t get her to take those medications and see if they can be successful. If not, just the cold medicine will do. Guess what?! This girl took them willingly so I told Ms. Ng that I will leave them there for her to finish the whole course. This girl likes to bully her parents alright!


mommy of 2 angels said...

ya they know who can be bullied!!

KittyCat said...

Hmm...she is one smart girl. Remember ya what my mom said? Hopefully, that helps.

Did I tell you one of my worst fears is vomiting? Hubby almost laughed at me during the 1st trimester as I'd suck all the sour stuff in the world to keep nausea down.

So you can imagine my horror when I heard about her doing it 2 times :P I'm such a wimp.