Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My first encounter with lanterns

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I didn’t like it. Well, I did initially when we bought one.

When we were at the store, mummy asked me to choose one. She went through the rabbit, butterfly, chicken, dear, dragon and duck but I answered “don wan” to all of them. I only said “em” (means ok) to the fish designs. And in the end, I chose one.

Over the weekend, mummy and papa took me to our condo’s garden to play the lantern. I guess I’m not familiar with the concept that I said “don wan” when mummy asked whether I want to play the lantern or not. I was only interested in the box of candles.

Even when papa lighted up the candle in the lantern, I was not keen at all and refused to hold on to the stick of the lantern. So it was mummy that carried the lantern around and then she finally gave up and left the lantern on the floor and sat with us on the bench. In the end, three of us were sitting there looking at the fire on the candle in the lantern till the wind blew the fire away.

Mummy thinks that I will be accustom to this if there are other kids playing with me. We shall just see…at the moment, my lantern is just hanging pretty by the fish tank. Perhaps I may just like the modern lanterns, the battery operated ones with music?!

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KittyCat said...

Haha, you ended up playing with the lantern? I was looking for the old fashioned ones but saw only the battery-operated types. Do try it before you get it - the music is terribly loud!