Sunday, December 17, 2006


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I survived Bangkok, fairly miserably perhaps as I was not feeling too well but I did enjoy the whole trip though.

I was asleep nearly throughout the flight there and back (which Mummy is so thankful for) so nothing much to update about the plane ride.

Once we got there at night, Uncle K and Aunty P picked us up and we stayed the night at their place. The next day we moved into a hotel-cum-service apartments...I like this place alot as I get to wander around and the bed is really huge. Although Mummy got me a baby cot, I slept with them throughout as I'd protest whenever I'm put into the cot.

my happiness 0n the huge bed...if only mummy's and papa's bed is this big.

i love this round table in our room...i can go round and round non stop

and i love the huge bath tub too!

me in the living room, all dressed up and ready to go for the wedding dinner

my grin, too bad you can't see my teeth (yes, they're finally out! but still it's just the tips that are out)

family album (note that i was in the sling with mummy for most of the trip)

picture with the happy couple

can you spot the baby?

me on the sky train, er....eating illegally...mummy thinks i will not get caught since i'm a baby

papa bought this painting for me at the weekend market (chatuchak) and this little girl is the artist, too bad i was asleep when all this took place

the infamous traffic jam at bangkok, just had to take a pic

me at bangkok international airport waiting for our very delayed flight back home

Mummy managed to do her shopping but she wished for more time to do more shopping. She also managed to get her massage done (although she didn't get a full body massage), she got away with a foot massage only as I was next to her the whole time on that mattress. She told papa that the next time we're there, he's going to take me out while she has her full body massage...he owes her just that! Hehe...dunno when we will ever be back there again though.

Oh ya, another highligtht of the trip (other than me having fever for 2 days)...I fell off the cot! For the first time (as mummy has always been so careful with me whenever I'm in my cot or on her bed), I fell off the cot and landed flat on face! Mummy cannot forgive herself for this and Thank God that I wasn't affected by the fall. I actually got flung out from the cot when the railing (that opens outwards) gave way due to the latches not latch on properly. Mummy thinks the railing broke my fall so I didn't fell too hard on the floor. This happened the next morning of our first night at the hotel and yes, I got to sleep on the bed with mummy and papa the rest of the nights there. :)

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