Thursday, December 28, 2006

My first Christmas!

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Merry Christmas to all!!!!!

Never knew Christmas can be so fun...Since I already have my 2 front teeth, albeit late, I received heaps of presents instead (just wondering when the top 2 teeth will come out)!

We spent Christmas eve at Mummy's grandma's place, the usual annual family get together Yuletide celebrations. There were heaps of presents there that they made the Christmas tree looked so small. I had loads of fun with so many interesting things to see and touch over there and I also received loads of attention. :D

hey, why are they all crowded around the Christmas tree without me?!

oh, there are heaps of presents under the was only looking, promise!

hehe. i'm just holding on to my present, that's all!

isn't Christmas the spirit of giving?! here uncle R, take my tupperware! sorry ya, I've finished my biscuits already!

The next morning, I got to open all my Christmas presents. There are 2 birthday presents that Mummy said I will need to wait for my birthday first. Already I got the huge car that Ai Yee got me for my birthday. I can't ride on my own yet as my legs cannot reach the ground so I get pushed around in it by Mummy or Papa. I prefer to push it myself though...Mummy likes to sit and ride it herself and makes me chase after her. The car is surely hardy coz even Papa can sit on it and Mummy has warned him that he will need to buy me another one if he breaks it.

all my Christmas presents and some early b'day presents...what joy!

We went over to my Kai Yeh's (godfather) place in the afternoon and spent the rest of the day there.

Testing out the cool shoes Kai Yeh (Godfather) and Kai Mah (Godmother) gave me for Christmas and Lucas' mummy gave me the pretty dress (yes, they are still kinda big for me but they're too nice to resist)

Thank you to all for my wonderful Christmas presents!

We hung out at Kai Yeh's clubhouse and I had so much fun playing at the children's room. There were so many colourful balls!

can you see my 2 tiny front teeth at the bottom?!

I hear that I'll be swimming again on my birthday at Kai Yeh's place after my birthday party and I really cannot wait (as it has been so long, the last time was when I was about 6 months plus as I've been sick pretty often after that). Mummy said that it'll be ok since it's after my party and that it's also my birthday. And, I'll be getting my first taste of Mummy's favourite dessert, ICE CREAM!!! ....that is if I've recovered from my cough.

Below was taken a week before Christmas...we had a Mummy and baby gathering with Mummy's friends and I got early Christmas presents!

opps, you mean it's not Christmas yet?!!

On my physical progression, I think I have put on the weight that I have lost when I was sick. Mummy says I'm heavier and that I'm eating and drinking more these days. I now can drink 5-6oz most of the times and some times more (I know it still sounds little but I was only drinking 3-4oz at one go, sometimes lesser in the last 2-3 months). My appetite has increased tremendously and I eat more porridge than before but I don't seem to have a liking for baby cereal and bottled baby food anymore. But for biscuits and bread, you can give them to me anytime!!!! I wonder if I will feel the same for ice cream?! Papa complaints that I'm taking after Mummy, the junk food Queen (and she says she takes after Grandma)

I can now walk confidently...Mummy and Papa think it's amazing how from 5-8 steps more than a week ago I now can walk all the way from the living room to the kitchen (it's like at least 20 steps) and I'm trying to run instead of walk in the last 2 days. Oh Boy, I cannot wait till I turn 1 year old!


RyeUrn said...

ah I can't wait for my little one to be able to walk on her own two feet


ryeli said...

hi ryeurn, nice to see you here. i like reading ur daddying blog... ur the only daddy blog i read, not many around. actually your nick "ryeurn" caught my eye at kittycat's blog and that was how i discovered you.

anyway, enjoy your little girl, she's so adorable...the next thing you'll know, she'll be walking too.

KittyCat said...

You look so,so cute in the pink dress! He,he,he biased opinion here ;-)

Seriously, baby girls have more fun - I'm tired of BLUE, brown, overalls, football themes and other blah clothes Mums of baby boys are forced to choose from esp when the Mum doesn't have much fashion sense herself [rolls eyes]

I'm also like RyeUrn - can't wait for Lucas to walk too. Incidentally, are you guys like cousins???

ryeli said...

kittycat - thank u so much for the lovely dress. rye li will be able to wear it for a long time.

i'm sure lucas will be walking very soon, and by that time, u will half wish that he doesn't move about so much like how i am now with the girl! haha...we have to shut all the doors closed at our place and also the sliding door at our balcony. we've put up the barrier gate to our kitchen just today.