Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mummy's entry - My baby all grown up!

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My baby is surely growing up. Just yesterday morning, she actually waived bye-bye at me from the nursery and not just that, she also gave me her bye-bye kiss (her kiss is just her hand at her mouth without releasing it at you). It's a big deal to me as this is her first time doing so from there. Usually, she will just stare at me or she'll be too occupied with the other children at the nursery when I say bye-bye to her. Do I really want her to grow up that fast?!! Sob Sob!

Other things that we have been getting remarkable responses from her the last few months (it surely pays off from all those times when we feel like we're talking/singing/dancing/reading to the wall when we are doing these things to a non-responsive baby back then)...
  • she will sit down/come here when i tell her to (just the other day, i told her that we were going out and that i will need to wear her skirt so i will need her to sit down and she just sat down there and then, she does the same thing when i tell her i need to put on her socks)
  • she will touch her head/show her tongue/"hands up"/pass things to me when i ask her to
  • she will clap her hands when i sing "if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands"
  • she will dance when she hear songs she's familiar with or when we ask her to (the music classes really doing her/us some good - she will remember some actions from the songs from her classes and she will act them out on her own)
  • she can now sleep on her own when i leave her in her own cot and all i need to do is to tell her to sleep (of course i will need to be around in the room too)
  • it's so easy to bribe her now...if a person who is not familiar to her wants to carry her, all we need to do is to tell her that he/she will take her go to see "fish-fish" or take her go "kai-kai" (for a walk) or to take her go and see whatever that fancies her
  • when it's bedtime, i will tell her to go lie down as it's time for her milk and she will go to the pillow herself (i do not have my pillow anymore as she is now using it in her cot) and will wait for me to pass her the milk
  • and now Papa can do it too, she will go lie down on her pillow and let Papa feed her and half way through she will pause and "show" that she wants to get into her cot to finish her milk and go to sleep. And this can be done even when she sees me around...(yippee, time for me to go partying once again!)
  • since she can walk independantly, she does not want to hold our hands most of the time
  • when we go out she used to like us carrying her than sitting in her stroller but now she wants to walk on her own
  • when i have to give her a quick rinse (when she is all sticky from sweating so much), i will tell her to sit on the little stool while i shower her and she will just sit and stay there
  • we have been teaching her how to put her toys away after she plays with them, although she has yet to master this, she knows where to put her ball back and she also knows where to find some of her toys that we have put away

Why is it when she was so dependant on us, I was wishing she'd grow up fast and now that she has gained her independence, I'm feeling all so sad (and of course proud at the same)?! You're only a year old girl and Mummy's feeling this way better not hit 18 that fast ok?!!


cy said...

Wah Syn, you can really write... write so much... Auntie Wendy couldn't believe that Ryeli could walk at Christmas time... she's growing up fast and before you know it she would have grown... you've got it, now's the time to keep in touch and bond with her...

chooee said...

Ryeli is such a clever and obedient girl. Khai Yea and Khai Ma are so proud of you :)

ryeli said...

uncle chris - thanks! i try my best to write down as much as i can remember (you know, getting old already). yup, she is growing up really fast, we cannot believe it either...have to make the most of our times with her!

khai yea - thanks so much! when r u taking me swimming? too bad u cant come to my party and that you cant swim with us either the other day...hope you're feeling better now. you stay tuned ya, mummy will post up the pics soon for u to see.

Papa said...

Papa miss u both. I am glad you r behaving well with mommy.Papa nd to thank mommy for your blog. This is what keep a smile on Papa face after a "bad" day away from you both. Luv ya very much!