Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Prior events to walking steadily

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We've been asked by Lucas' mummy to blog on how I started my adventures in walking. Thanks for the suggestion as this will do us some good... you know, we humans can't remember alot of things for long (that's what I'm told).

Anyhow, I started taking that few steps forwards around 11 months old. It started with a few steps (perhaps 2-3 steps) and I was very excited when I did that, my face litted up with the shocked-happy-smiley expression...I guess I was too excited as before i knew it, I came tumbling down (well, more like my bum-bum falling backwards to the ground or my 2 hands falling forward to the floor first). This went on for the next 2 weeks, with more steps at one go (like 5-7 steps) but like always, with my over excited expressions, I would fall down.

The week heading towards Christmas' weekend, all of a sudden (to everyone's surprise) I started walking more confidently (definitely more than 10 steps). And by Christmas weekend, I can walk steadily already. Of course this were with falls and bumps but that didn't stop me from wanting to walk more. In fact, I tried walking faster and of course I tend to fall down more too.

Now, I want to walk at every chance I get and I don't like to hold anybody's hands when I walk. Mummy and Papa (more like Mummy) have threatened me a few times that if I don't hold their hands, I will be carried. No fun, I have to give in at times.

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