Monday, January 08, 2007

1 year old!

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My birthday came and went...just like that. So fast...and yes I am officially a year old! Big girl I am...
getting ready for my party!!!
I had my birthday party at A&W's with loads of people...I was so occupied with the balloons around me that I didn't pay much attention to my guests. How rude of me and yet I still got alot of attention from everyone. Hehe.
I'll let the pictures explained themselves...

acting all grown up!

birthday bear? hey, where's the birthday girl?

i was more engrossed in my biscuit than the people singing around me

hello under there!

I also received alot of presents... Thank you to everyone for them! presents all opened! take note of my tired face but still didn't want to take my nap then

Later that evening after dinner with Ah Kong and Ah Por (paternal grandparents), we went over to Grandpa's office and hung out there. I got to play with my cousins, RW cher cher (elder sister) and JT kor kor (elder brother) and also with my grand aunties and uncles. I had so much fun walking around on my own, screaming and laughing away. I think I got away with staying up so late coz it's my birthday...hehehe... We got home towards midnight that day and while Mummy got me ready for bed, we heard alot of fire crackers sounds and we managed to see the fireworks from Mummy's bedroom window. It did catch my eye but I soon got bored with it and Mummy made me sleep. I think I over exhausted myself that day as I woke up twice in the middle of the night crying-screaming.

The next day on new year's day, Mummy and Papa decided to take me swimming! We went over to Kai Yeh's (Godfather) clubhouse and we swam with Auntie PS and Uncle R as Kai Yeh is not feeling well. Both him and Kai Mah (Godmother) couldn't make it for my party and I was not allowed to see him till he gets better.

aunty PS and I....see how happy I's been too long since I last swam!

trying to explore my surroundings under very tight supervision

As the pictures say it all....I really had heaps of fun on both my birthday and new year's day. I wonder if I'll be having fun like this in the years to come?! Mummy and Papa are getting worried now...hehe!

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Your friend Lucas said...

Happy birthday, Ryeli! look super cute in that pink robe ;-) ;-)

ryeli said...

hey, shucks [blushing]...hehe, thank u!

Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. Ryeli so big girl liao..

Happy Belated Birthday to you!!!