Monday, February 11, 2008

Mummy's entry - Last few days at LA

Another backdated post from our last few days at LA.

Our last few days at LA were spent shopping last minute stuff, eating and hanging out. By this time I was already so tired from all the travelling that I was willing to give Hollywood a pass. SIL said that since we came all this way, we should at least just give it a look and I agreed. So, we just drove through and seriously, I was glad that we didn't walk through Hollywood. Just by driving through Hollywood, I was greatly disappointed. I mean, what you have heard and seen on TV, you would expect something great. But when you're physically there, it's nothing to shout about. We didn't even take any picture of the HOLLYWOOD sign. Haha...The following were some pictures we took from the car...

The infamous Kodak Theatre, where American Idol finales are held (nothing great to shout about, it looks bigger and grander on TV!)

Beverly Hills hotel

The following were pictures taken while hanging out at SIL's place..

tying the girl's hair outside SIL's place

SIL's neighbour, with their Halloween's display. There were so many nice ones along this road but we didn't manage to walk the neighbourhood like we planned to

the girl and hubby hanging out at the frontyard of the house

On the girl's health by this time, she was still coughing but not as bad as earlier, thanks to the medicine. There weren't anymore vomitting episodes but on our second last night there, she coughed out some blood in her phelgm in the middle of the night. It got us so worried and we thought that it may be due to the medicine (coz of the recalling of some medicine then). While the girl slept, we were up searching the net for the symptoms of the medicines that were recalled (and found out the one we had was not one of them). And luckily, it didn't mention anything serious except that there may be an abuse of taking these medicines which can cause harm to little kids.

We also felt that the blood could be from the excessive coughing she had for several days. Later when she had her next phelgm out, we checked it for signs of blood but there weren't any so we were relieved in a way. When we landed in KL in the afternoon, after settling our stuff at home, we took her to see her doctor just in case and it was the common cold she was having.

Anyhow, I have to add my two cents worth of our experience with LA's airport. It sucked big time! Our luggages were overweight by 6kgs and they wanted to charge us for it even though it wasn't a full flight. We refused to pay so we had to unload some stuff from our bags to our hand luggages so it was the chocolates and sweets that we bought. I was fuming on this as we already had so many stuff to hand carry and we didn't need the excess with a baby some more! The lady over at the counter was not kind at all (and she was an Asian and you would think she would take sympathy on a couple with a young child!). I also asked whether we can change our seats (instead of the front ones) since it wasn't a full flight and she said she can't do that and that we had to ask the stewardess when we have boarded! I didn't bother talking to her after that but just glared at her.

After that, we had to queue to get ourselves and hand carry items checked at the security. One of the security officer asked if we had any liquids and I said they were all for the girl's milk (hot water and bottled water). He said that he highly recommended we threw them away to avoid trouble and so we had to get rid of every single water we had (one hot flask, 2 baby bottles of half water and 1 water bottle). It took us some time to get rid of these as we had to drop everything and dug into our bags and since they only have one bin to throw all of these into which was parked at a distance, I had to trouble this kind elderly lady who offered her help as she was next to the bin. In all that hurry, of unpacking and packing, I actually left one bottle out and when I realized it, I didn't bother to let them know and decided to risk it (I was already angry by this time). And I'm glad I didn't coz we were not caught or anything even though our bags went thru the screening. It just go to show that their security system is not all that great!

All in all, we had a great holiday although it was a tiring one for me as well. I would love to go back to US again but this time, without the girl for sure. Only coz I want to shop, shop and shop! I guess I also got the girl to thank as I would have spent more money on shopping for sure!

I am looking forward to a Bangkok trip end of this month (without the girl) as I will finally have my massage, food and shopping! I didn't get to do much of this the last time we were there. Will definitely update on this as this will be the longest time I'm away from the girl and it is also her first time without her parents. Muahaha!

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wen said...

i oso wanna visit Hollywood since i like those hollywood stars!!! can i follow u ah if u plan ur next trip again..hehe

LA My Home said...

hollywood is not as great as you've seen it on the tv. after all, movies are all fake. LOL!

when you do come back in future, do inform me.


KittyCat said...

Ugh, LA airport sounds pretty awful eh? I'm not surprised at the Asian lady's response...sometimes, our own kind are not kind!