Wednesday, February 20, 2008

CNY 2008

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Gong Xi Fa Cai to all!

Another round of Chinese New Year for me and we spent it at the same 2 places again like last year's except that we went to Penang first and then to Cameron Highlands after that.

Mummy made a comparison of last year's and this year's in terms of my behaviour and it goes according to the good, the bad and the ugly (so-so).

The good

  • They don't need to bring the slow cooker and stuff to cook my food. I eat whatever they eat.
  • I'm easier to manage now. I'm not glued all the time to Mummy (can't say the same when I'm cranky though)
  • I love to "gong xi-gong xi" with my hands now to all and will say "gong xi fa cai" especially when I'm in a good mood

The bad

  • I'm bossy now so I demand for things (most of the time I don't get it my way)

  • And since I'm bossy, I will refuse to wear whatever Mummy wants me to and chose them myself (so Mummy's plans for me in wearing what clothes on what days were all gone to waste!)

  • I bully people now. Ok, not so much bully but boss people around and when you get on my nerves, I will scold you! I did this mostly to my cousin brother, JT when we were in Camerons.
  • I like testing the limits with Mummy and Papa even after they have scolded me or threatened or warned me.

  • I change topic easily after I'm being told off for being naughty. One of the nights, Mummy was scolding me and I didn't like her scolding me so I lifted up my right hand, preparing to hit her. She warned me on this and stared at me. I stared right back at her contemplating to hit her or not but since she threatened me, I decided to smile at her and counted "1, 2, 3" while showing her my fingers for 1,2 and 3. I was telling her that I can count.
  • Only reason I like to do the "gong xi-gong xi" with my hands to people I don't know coz I love to receive the Ang Pows! And initially, I wanted to open them to see the money inside but I've been told that it is rude to do so. So later when we're at home, I would ask Mummy "Where's my money? I want my money!" (at least I understand the concept of money and if you ask me now where's all my money, I will reply "I got so many angpows, all my money in the bank."
  • I must have the last say in anything and everything so when I'm being told off, I will scold them back (Of course Mummy will not let me get away with this so I get punished for being rude!)

The so-so

  • Although I'm easier to manage now compared to last year, I still glue to Mummy at times. Only wanting her to shower me, etc. But at least I allow my Por Por to feed me or carry me.
  • You would think by now that I'm used to my car seats with the way I travel around (I'm hardly at home). I am most of the times, but there are times when I'm just cranky and refused to be in it. I was slightly cranky when we were on the way up to Penang. I was more cranky when we were on the way up to Camerons. Luckily, on the way back, I was very well behaved (guess coz I slept for most of the journey).
  • After being really naughty and punished, I will apologize (Mummy wonders whether I actually understand this or just doing it for the sake of doing it)

Guess you would noticed the more bads than the goods or so-so's...Mummy believes it is part of the terrible two phase.

What are holidays or celebrations without photos....Below are pictures from Penang:-

hanging out at the balcony of Ah Por's and Ah Kong's house drinking my milk, this nearly became a routine

all dolled up, ready to go for the reunion dinner

getting ready to go collect more ang pows on 2nd day of CNY

managed to swim at Peh Deh's (papa's brother) after collecting all my ang pows

this was how i had my bath at Ah Por's place, actually it was just showers, i just wanted to play in this pail

Below are pictures from Cameron Highlands :-

posing with the little flowers

making funny faces with my cousins, JT and RW

at the flower farm of papa's relatives, we were checking out their little pond up on a hill

posing in my new Chinese New Year clothes (Mummy had to bribe me in wearing this stating that my cousins were wearing theirs too)

as you can tell, i wasn't happy that my cousin, JT was also posing for my camera so i was protesting! I was bullying him most of the time I was there. i like RW cher cher more

The below shots were taken after my meltdown of the above picture, Mummy had a time-out session with me before I agreed to take pictures with my cousin but this time I chose to be next to RW cher cher. After these shots, I changed my clothes.

this was how we entertained ourselves one of the nights, all 3 of us sharing the ipod nano

Below were pictures when we got back to KL from Cameron Highlands (I love posing for the camera now) :-

Hope you had a good Chinese New Year as well!


wen said...

wah! nice photos!!! like the drinking milk at the balcony

Vien said...

she really know how to r&! i used to have that kinda string hammock.

KittyCat said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you too! Love that reunion suit Rye Li has on, very cute, like this Chinese character named La-cha, you know?

Tell me about the Terrible Twos - I'm counting down 11 more months!