Friday, February 29, 2008

Mummy's entry - Being away from the girl

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I'm typing this from Bangkok, having to be here for a sales training since Tuesday and this means I've been away from the girl for 3 nights so far. Did I miss her? Seriously, no. Ok, well a little bit. This is only coz I've been yearning to have a break (my "me" time) and one of the getaways I wanted to be at is Bangkok. So it is a blessing in disguise when I found out the venue of this training.

I guess I didn't really miss her all that much too as there's so much to do for this training and also my personal activities after training (shopping!!!). And the real fact is that hubby is around in KL to look after her.

Well, hubby is in Bangkok now to join me for the weekend and tonight is the first time that the girl will not be with either one of her parents. And this is where I'm getting worried and I'm starting to miss her badly!

Hubby dropped her off at my sis' place this morning before heading to the airport and it seems that she was alright. We have prepared her for this since last month and have been reminding her constantly. At times, she resisted by saying "I don't want, I want follow Mummy" but most of the times she said ok and continued with "I want toys, I want Mickey Mouse/Tweety bird baju (malay: clothes)" (This was how I motivated her and I'm willing to do this coz I rarely get to be away from her. As for hubby, I forbid him to buy alot of things for her when he's away on his business trips although he has his occasional shopping spree habit).

I called home when my training ended and my sister's maid (the girl only sticks to her) updated that she was alright through out, ate her meals, watched tv and poo-ed in the toilet although she wanted to poo in her diaper. She is still not potty trained for poo since her constipation days as she has the fear of the toilet bowl but she is alright for pee-ing in it or in her potty. But with this update (First round, she took a diaper to her kakak and said "Kakak, I want to poo-poo" but her Kakak took her to the toilet instead and she refused to poo. Second round, she told her Kakak again that she wanted to poo and she gave in to her Kakak's request to poo in the bowl and she did it), I find that the girl bullies her parents at home! Either this or her Mummy do not have enough patience with her. ;)

I called home again tonight and was informed by my sister that the girl was already asleep (this was like 9-30pm Malaysian time). She sleeps around 11pm these days and I guess she slept early coz she didn't nap this afternoon, she was too happy when her cousins came back from school and played with them throughout. Her cousins (RW and JT) were fighting for her attention and too bad for JT, the girl prefers her cher cher (chinese: elder sister), RW! My sis told me that the girl kept saying no to JT when he wanted the girl to sleep next to him. She said she wants her RW cher cher, making the boy cried! Hehe, this girl knows who she can bully.

The girl didn't ask for us it seems, guess she understands the situation. But my sis said she looks a little left out when it came to bed time. I only hope she will sleep throughout the night and don't have an episode. Will update later on for me and hubby, we will enjoy Bangkok to the max for sure! But we are missing the girl like crazy. ;)


wen said...

i understand how u feel abt 'me time', we seriously need it once a while. she didnt cry when going to bed at nite ? my girl cries..

Shireen Loh said...

Arrgghh...u lucky devil...muahahha...hope you're havin a great time. Enjoy to the max!! :-D