Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mummy's update - My girl bullies me!

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We're back from Bangkok late Sunday night and I went to pick the girl up on Monday afternoon from my sister's. I found out :-

  • the girl didn't ask for us at all
  • she slept throughout the 3 nights she was there
  • she was happy being with her cousins although she bullied the boy to tears as well (she informed me that "I beat JT kor kor")
  • my sister and her maid reported that she was so well behaved (unlike how I complained to them on how naughty she is at home, made me look like the guilty one! sigh!)

When I picked her up, she was happy to see me and happier to see the new Minnie Mouse bag we got her (I only brought along one of the bags we bought her, the mickey mouse watch and a minnie mouse t-shirt which I also got the same one for my niece, the rest of her new clothes and stuff were left at home). So when she saw me taking out the stuff I bought for my sister's family and my parents, the girl got upset and I had to remind her that she got a whole lot more at home. When she saw the princesses dress I got for my niece, she showed her face and went "I also want like RW cher-cher's dress!".

She became more like a baby in my presence and both the maid and my mom noticed this and said she wasn't like this at all in the last 4 days she was there. When I didn't give in to her, she started crying.

Later at home, we showed her the rest of the things that we bought her. She was really happy but she remembered one thing which she kept reminding me to buy for her before the trip and she brought it up after she saw all her clothes "Where's my toy?". I had to apologize to her and told her that I couldn't find any nice toys so I bought her alot of nice clothes instead and 2 Minnie Mouse bags. She accepted this explanation.

That night, she woke up at 4am asking me for milk. When she did this, I was cursing inside as I know she's bullying me. She has been sleeping throughout the night for more than a month now unless if she is in a foreign place. She did not do this to her papa when he looked after her nor did she do this when she was at my sister's! And if you're wondering why I had to give in to her, the thing is if I ignore her, she will get louder and louder and will disrupt the rest of our sleep. What am I going to do with this girl?! At least she slept through last night and I hope this will stay forever!


vien said...

Wah...this girl really bullies you. Poor mommy!

ryeli said...

vien- tell me abt it...why me?!! lol

KittyCat said...

Could she really be hungry? Lucas has a last bottle at about 9.30 pm.

His appetite has improved these 2 months but he conks out at night coz I make sure he runs off all that toddler energy LOL

Bangkok Hotels said...

It's not right but O.K.